Review | Fearless Daughters of the Bible by J. Lee Grady


Fearless Daughters of the Bible: What You Can Learn from 22 Women Who Challenged Stereotypes, Fought Injustice and Ruled Nations

2012 - Chosen Books

Calling all women – your time has come. Author J. Lee Grady, a voice that champions God’s daughters, has released a new book highlighting just how important women are in God’s kingdom. Grady is a father of 4 daughters and the founder of 'The Mordecai Project', a global ministry combatting gender prejudice. His passion to see women released into their true calling and identity fills the pages of this book as he highlights biblical examples alongside their modern day counterparts. The information has always been there in scripture, but somehow the truth has been obscured by our cultural mindsets and incorrect translations. This is a time when the Holy Spirit is shining his light on the reality of how God has always viewed women.

Fearless Daughters of the Bible examines the lives of 22 women who challenged tradition and dared to be leaders. Some of the names are well known, while others are more obscure, but all were enabled by God to do amazing things. God longs to give gifts to each of His daughters, such as wisdom, leadership and boldness along with fruitfulness and family. When we as women learn to receive our divine inheritance, we can live the fearless and beautiful lives of purpose that we were designed for.

Women are not second class citizens, inferior to our male brothers, or God’s afterthought. This book has challenged me again to step out of agreement with the mindsets of our day that would limit God and his ability to work through his daughters. The Body of Christ needs all hands on deck!

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