Catch The Fire TV is moving to YouTube


Exciting new change for everyone who enjoys watching revival online with Catch The Fire TV!

In 1994, God started a revival in Toronto that continues to this day. In 1996, we put that revival on the internet, streaming the nightly meetings and weekend church services to the entire world. Between now and then, thousands of people have tuned in to CatchTheFire.TV to watch people encounter their Heavenly Father, to see the Holy Spirit unlock years of pain, and to see Jesus being praised.

As the years have passed, an internet video revolution has swept the entire world. Millions of people watched the recent Olympic games exclusively online. Presidential speeches, the Queens’ Address, and even videos of our kids and grandkids have been broadcast on YouTube to a world with instant access to exciting, sometimes terrifying, encouraging, amusing content.

We feel the time has come to open the doors to all of the incredible revival content we have stored up over the years. Starting later this month, CatchTheFire.TV will be delivered by YouTube, completely free of charge to everyone. Our YouTube Channel (already available at will include all previous video archives, easily searchable and shareable with all your friends. All our Live broadcasts will also move to, where you can share them, embed them in your own website, and more. We want to throw the doors wide open to all that God has done and is continuing to do in Toronto and around the world.

Providing CatchTheFire.TV in it’s various forms over the years has come at a significant cost. Many have partnered with us in the past to spread revival online, through their CatchTheFire.TV membership. As you now know, CatchTheFire.TV will be available for free starting later this month. This means no access fees will be required any more, and you will be able to watch all content for free. We are asking you to consider making a donation today towards CatchTheFire.TV, to help spread the message of the Father’s Love, and the Holy Spirit’s power, all around the world. We receive countless testimonies of people physically and emotionally healed while watching CatchTheFire.TV. Your one-off or ongoing automatic gift will directly contribute to people’s lives being changed. Thank you for considering to support this exciting cause.

We will be providing more information about this transition in the coming weeks, including helpful tips and training on how to get the most out of the new CatchTheFire.TV YouTube Channel. For now, please enjoy the video already available, and spread the word about this exciting new thing!