Miracles with James Maloney


Two people experience God at James Maloney's revival meetings and their lives are changed.

James Maloney visited Catch The Fire Toronto in early July. James is known for his healing ministry. In his first visit to Catch The Fire, he spoke at revival meetings on the Friday and Saturday. During the ministry times he prophesied and spoke healing into people’s bodies. Here are some testimonies:

Dianne Zahodnik

When I came to the meeting on Friday night, I was open to anything happening. I was hoping for healing on my knees as they had been very stiff for the last few years. I could no longer kneel. I was due to go on a trip to England and that week my family doctor decided to send me to a specialist when I returned, and to fill me with pain medication in the meantime to make me comfortable during my visit to the UK. I was disappointed but by that point I could not walk very far and found it hard getting in and out of the car as well.

I was sat in my chair in the service when I felt heat on my knees. I told my husband that I thought they were beginning to be healed. I could hardly believe it. Even though I have seen the Lord work many times, he is still awesome, surprising me after all these years!

"I am sure I received an impartation for a greater healing anointing, which is my heart’s desire."

At that moment, James Maloney walked past me in the aisle and said to me that God was healing my knees - confirming what I had just told my spouse. James then asked me to come forward. He held my left hand and ministered to me, and I felt lost in the glory cloud.

I am sure I received an impartation for a greater healing anointing, which is my heart’s desire. On the Sunday after, a friend asked me to pray for her granddaughter who had broken ribs. Later in the week I was in the coffee bar in the hospital where I volunteer. I asked a lady there how her day was, and she told me that her daughter had been murdered in Orangeville and they never found the guilty party. She started to weep when she told me and I felt the Holy Spirit comfort her through me. I prayed for her and encouraged her as she told me how hard things were for her and her husband. Then I offered to meet with her after work as well.

God healed me of Non Hodkins Lymphoma 4 years ago. As James ministered to me, he described me sitting up in the middle of the night. When I was ill, I couldn’t lay flat so I had to sleep in a lazy boy chair. James described how the chemo had affected my esophagus and my pancreas and that God was healing them.

I can now walk my two dogs around the block with no problem with energy or my knees. I can get in and out of the car and up and down the stairs without difficulty. I am going to tell my Medical Doctor when I see him. My husband and son have been amazing during the journey, but they also appreciate that now I can walk down the 20 stairs to the basement to do our laundry and rescue them from the task!

I also remember James speaking that the swelling in my right foot was being stopped and an injury was being healed. I identified that my daughter Jen had an achilles heel tendon injury. She was off work for quite some time, and since then she always heard a crack in her heel as she went up a staircase. The next day I told her that I claimed the healing for her, and she told me that she had noticed earlier that day that there was no clicking in her right heel. I believe God also healed her - he is a big God!

I am sure I will discover more that God has done as time passes!

Mike Whate

In the meeting, James gave an amazing talk then said that God had called him to impart a ‘breaker anointing’ over the entire congregation. This special anointing, amongst other things, confers God’s supernatural wisdom, miracle power, and teaching anointing to those who receive it. He also warned that it would ‘kick like a mule’.

"I remember being in a haze for the rest of the day and could do nothing else but soak in God’s glory all evening."

As he prayed very briefly over me I felt that ‘kick’ and was moved backwards under the power of it. I remember being in a haze for the rest of the day and could do nothing else but soak in God’s glory all evening.

That night I had three quite disturbing dreams dealing with hate, anger and receiving condemnation from others. This was strange and quite out of character for me. The next morning I felt I should do some inner healing to discover the root cause of these dreams. As soon as I started to do this I heard the Lord say “Stop! … I healed your broken heart yesterday when James Maloney prayed over you. That kick you felt was me breaking the yoke off your broken heart. Michael, I release you to move forward in my power, to be what I have called you to be. Go forth and be fruitful”. Wow, thank you Lord!

A few days after this event I met with Pastor John Bootsma and we went over my ‘Dream List’ together. I had just finished reading Dream Culture by Andy & Janine Mason, and following their advice, I wrote down a list of all my dreams (visions) about the future. One of my dreams was to prepare a workshop on ‘Healing & Restoring your Inner Child’. This subject is a part of the inner healing ministry, which I felt was not widely taught or understood today. I promised John that I would have something by the end of August (about 6 weeks away).

"Healing and restoring our inner child involves going back through our developmental stages and letting the Lord finish our unfinished business."

The idea behind ‘Healing & Restoring your Inner Child’ is that every child needs to go through various developmental stages in order to grow into adulthood. Each stage requires that we learn some skill or behaviour that we take on to the next stage. If we fail to learn and grow in each stage we become developmentally wounded. Healing and restoring our inner child involves going back through our developmental stages and letting the Lord finish our unfinished business. Sometimes, this ministry is necessary to prepare our heart to more completely receive other ministry.

A few days later I woke up bursting with excitement and eager to begin writing my workshop. Imagine my surprise when, two days later, I had a first draft of the workshop completed. Ideas, content, stories just flew from my mind onto the page; I knew this was from God.

I sent the draft to a colleague who had introduced me to this healing technique; later that week we met to fine tune the workshop. By August 1st, two weeks after my meeting with John, I sent him the workshop for his review and feedback. Since then, we’ve discussed me forming a connect group (small group) in the fall to explore this ministry further. This will be a working group for those active or interested in inner healing, mental health care professionals, counselors or anyone who works with those who are suffering. Initially we will focus on Reclaiming & Healing your Inner Child; we will also see how this revelation dovetails with other streams of inner healing.

If you were at the meetings, or watching them online and have a testimony to share, use the comments box below. It’s always encouraging to hear the great things God is doing!