Review | Visions of the Coming Days by R. Loren Sandford


Visions of the Coming Days: What to Look For and How to Prepare

2012 - Chosen Books

For those of us that have been craving the “more” and have been positioning ourselves to receive it, this book is an exhortative call to see the manifestation of God’s glory and holiness.

From the beginning, the prophetic is prominent in Loren’s writing; the surprising element is how he ties it into the heart of the Father and his great love for his children. Loren gives us his heart on the value of the prophetic and the source from where it is derived.

Loren is heralding a call to holiness, a return to the love of God’s Word. In a very sobering voice he, makes us aware of the lateness of the hour for the return of our King. He embraces the revelation of God’s love that entwines itself into every facet of who we are, regardless of what our individual spiritual gifts are, and reinforces what we are collectively called to be in the Kingdom of God on Earth. Visions Of The Coming Days challenges us in every facet of the Christian walk, in regards to integrity, holiness, righteousness, humility and obedience.

Loren substantiates his writings with the Word of God and brings such clarity to the scriptures that it makes this book an easy read, yet in-depth in its content. He gives us guidelines for strategically unleashing the incredible weapon of prayer with authority, that will also be the precursor to seeing the Kingdom of God come in this end time season! 

Visions Of The Coming Days contains numerous nuggets of treasures for everyone, young and old, new believers and magnates of the faith. This book is steeped with encouragement, and stirs a passion for worshipping God in the reader. Loren's incredible revelations of the acceleration of God’s hand come at an exciting time, as we enter the most exhilarating time in the history of the church.

Getting back to the basics of discipleship, a bonded relationship with Jesus, will propel us into higher realms such as the prophetic. It will also increase our revelation of the Father’s love and help us to prepare for the greatest revival on Earth!

Visions of the Coming Days is available online or instore from Catch The Fire Resources.

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