School of Ministry March - July 2012 Testimonies


Incredible transformation stories from this semester's School of Ministry students.

This March a group of young adults from all over the world came to Toronto for the five month School of Ministry (SoM). This semester, students took classes in the Heart Module, the Worship Module and the Revelation Module. At the end of four months of teaching, they put everything they learned in to practice on a three week outreach in various international locations. The school officially finished at the end of July 2012, here are just some of the testimonies the students are going to carrry with them for the rest of their lives (find more here). If you are interested in attending the next school, starting in September, there is plenty of time to apply, check out the School of Ministry website for more information.

Clara Loewen - Canada

My dad left my mom when I was 10, and I felt a lot of betrayal and rejection from him when he left. It caused me to completely shut my heart down. There was so much anger and abandonment buried inside of me. I was verbally and physically abusive to my siblings and anger poured out of me on almost every occasion.

But during the school, God just came and started pulling out all of the bitterness, rejection, hurt and abandonment inside of me. For the first time in my life, I was told that it was ok to feel how I felt. I was allowed to express my feelings and as I did, I was able to forgive my dad and also God for the things I felt were his fault. My relationship with God became so much more intimate. For the first time in my life I was able to be completely real with God about what was inside of me. It was so freeing and refreshing.

"my face looked relaxed for the first time"

The release from the stress of carrying all these emotions was visible on my physical body. My mom was surprised by how much straighter I walk. People told me that my face looked relaxed for the first time since I came to the school, and that I finally looked at peace. Someone said that there was a light in my eyes that they had not been there before, and I really felt the difference inside. I wasn't constantly on edge any more. I really was relaxed for the first time in a long time. My relationship with my siblings and my mom has become so much closer and real. We have bonded so much more and we have become best friends! My life is completely different and I'm so thankful for the changes that are continuing to happen in me!

Josh Merchant - USA

"Coming to the school has drastically changed the way I look at myself"

Before school I was constantly afraid of being rejected and that people hated me. When I was growing up I was made fun of a lot and was told I was fat, ugly and no one wanted to be my friend. I thought I couldn't trust anyone because they would just end up hurting me. Coming to the school has drastically changed the way I look at myself and the way I think others look at me. At the beginning of school in my small group we did a trust fall. I was worried that because of my weight the guys in my group wouldn't be able to catch me. They did catch me and God told me that it didn't matter how big my problems were, this is a safe place and I can trust those around me to catch me and love me. Throughout school as we were working on getting rid of our ungodly beliefs and replacing them with Godly ones more and more of the lies I had believed were chipped away. I realized that I am loved by God and that God has put people in my life who love me. I don't feel shame about myself. I don't feel rejected any more. I feel safe to be myself and just have fun. Most of all I feel God’s love in my heart in places that I thought he would never be able to touch.

Blake Peter - Canada

When I came to the School of Ministry my expectations were strictly to become a better musician and gain experience as a worship leader. I did accomplish these things but I gained so much more growth spiritually than I could have imagined. Before the school I felt shy, timid, unconfident and my relationship with God was distant. Being at the school for 5 months has given me a new confidence and boldness like I have never experienced before.

"I feel much more fulfilled and on fire for God"

Learning about God's heart for me really strengthened my identity in him and was a big part of giving me the confidence and authority to do things I would never have imagined myself doing such as prophetic evangelism, speaking in front of a congregation, and prophesying over complete strangers. As a worship leader I saw worship in different ways. I learnt about experimental worship and what the heart of worship is all about. This really opened my eyes and will definitely be something I take home with me. Overall I feel much more fulfilled and on fire for God coming from the school. I will never forget the revelation I have had and the people that have impacted me, coming to the school has truly changed my life.

Franzi Preuss - Germany

When we went on the outreach from the school of ministry, I had some really cool experiences with God, especially when we did jail ministry. I prayed for a guy who had a sickness in his brain (the brain behind his eyes was swollen). Because of this he had problems keeping memories. When I prayed for him I didn’t have much faith for his healing, because it was such a big issue. In addition to that I didn’t think that I would be able to check if he was healed. But I really felt God saying that I should pray for him. Two weeks later I had the opportunity to go there again. After the service the guy came up to me and told me that he went to a hospital for a health check and the doctor told him that the swelling had gone down, so he got healed! So even though I doubted for the healing, God honored that I was obedient and prayed, and the man was healed.

Samira Salva Rosa - Puerta Rico

Before I came to the school I was not alive inside, I was searching for happiness in many different places, trying to fill up the hole that was inside me but nothing was working. I came to school after a very destroying relationship that lead me into depression, I was completely insecure and I even asked myself "God are you real?"

"I learned to recognize his voice and his presence"

I came to this wonderful place and God started to change me slowly into the person that I am now! I am more secure about myself inside and about my looks. Now when I go shopping I can see the difference, even my friends have told me that I am more confident! I have totally overcome the depression I had because of that relationship; I was able to forgive and be free. I learned that happiness is my choice and does not depend on who is around me. The best part is that I got to see that God is real. I learned to recognize his voice and his presence even though I haven’t experienced any physical manifestations. He taught me that it is not what is going on on the outside, it's what is happening on the inside. Everything inside me is now filled up with passion for God! I don't have to go back searching for happiness in alcohol, relationships, partying or other things the world offers because the happiness that I have is inside of me because I learned to love myself and to live passionately for God. The SoM came to my life when I needed it the most and it has definitely left a mark in me.

Becca Stievenard - Jersey

Before I came to the school, I was bored and had lost my passion for life. I had been trying to get a full time teaching job for the last three years and felt disappointed and like a failure because I hadn’t got there. Since coming to the school, God has renewed my passion and made me excited about what is next. I have a new hope and have already used my teaching skills in ways I didn’t expect. God has showed me that I don’t necessarily need to be teaching in a school educational environment. I came to the school expecting to learn about worship, but am leaving with so much more than that. I feel like God has done a deep work within my heart and my whole attitude has changed to how I will go about life. SoM has given me a great set of tools to use when I leave, and I’m excited about passing on everything I’ve learnt here to people back home.

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