Reaching Out to Kenyan Orphans


A team from Catch The Fire London went to Kenya with a heart to love the broken and minister to those in need. 

In May 2012 I travelled with a team deep into rural Kenya to an area called Kwiliba. Our team of 11 was led by Stu and Chlo Glassborrow, and made up of people from Catch The Fire London and other Catch The Fire friends.

We were in Kenya for 10 days, with a heart to love the broken. I work for the Kenyan Children’s Project, and I have been to Kenya many times before, but the severe cases of malnutrition that we saw hit me like never before. I was also hugely impacted by the amazing heart of those people living in the rural communities that so selflessly protect and care for the orphans in need, even when they themselves have nothing.

We had heard news of a parish in need through Bishop in Maseno in the North of Kenya and the Mothers union there. So we made the dirt track journey in great anticipation of what God was going to do. Our vehicles were packed full with medical drugs donated by the Catch The Fire UK World Changers, and also toys and clothes ready to bless as many vulnerable children as we could.

We arrived to find many young children waiting for medical care. The sickest of the children were seen and treated first. Many of them had been orphaned, most coming alone despite being very young. That day we treated 114 children and fed more than 200 orphans. I cannot describe the pure happiness that was spread that day; we got to see lives saved. The healings we saw were countless, there was a mighty move of God and it was happening through children praying for children!

It was a day of divine appointments too. We met three young children Kevin, Alfred and Ezekiel. I never seen such severe malnutrition before, it was a heartbreaking sight. With no parents to care for them, the three boys were in desperate need. Thankfully, the Kenyan Children's Project have since rescued these three children. They are now living in the retreat centre, being loved back to life. The week of Kevin's rescue he was hospitalised with malaria and a hernia. If Kevin was still in Kwiliba he would not have survived. We are amazed and in awe at God's perfect timing; he is faithful to rescue and restore his children.

While we were in Kenya, Catch The Fire World Changers also provided the finance for a widow’s home to be secured to protect her from abuse from the local men. Catch The Fire have greatly sown into the work of the Kenyan Children's Project, thank you taking part in restoring the broken hearted.

I am travelling back to Kenya at the end of July, ready for a team that will come out from 6th-18th August. To find out more about the Kenyan Children’s project and how you can support them, click here.