How to Get Put Back Together Again


A fictional journey through a prayer ministry session.

Next week, I have a Restoring The Foundations (RTF) prayer ministry session booked. I started to wonder what a ministry session might look like for a character from a well-known Nursery Rhyme.

Maybe something like this?

Application Form for Prayer Ministry

Please complete this form, by hand, as honestly as you can.

Name: Mr Humphrey Dumpton

Age: 39

Presenting issue: Feeling down and hopeless all the time. Unable to work.

Please include a short personal history, explaining when the issue started:

At school I was bullied. I didn’t have the right build for sports (I’m a bit round in the tummy area) and I was a bit of an egg-head; a nerd. But I had a head for figures, and after graduating college I ended up on Wall Street.

For the first time in my life I felt powerful, important. But of course it all went wrong after a few years. I still don’t know how they did it, but some of the popular guys ganged up on me and got me kicked out. I was pushed off Wall Street. They took the best job I’ll ever have. I felt smashed to pieces.

Have you had any previous ministry or counseling?

I went to the Kingsmen Clinic and the Kingshorses Retreat Centre, but nothing helped. They couldn’t put me back together. I haven’t been able to return to any kind of work since.

What do you hope to gain by this ministry?

It’s nothing against you, but I don’t hold out much hope. Nothing helps. Whatever most people have that is the glue that holds them together – I don’t have it. I guess I’m a broken person and nobody can fix me. (But my friends told me RTF is worth a shot, so that’s why I’m giving it a go.)

Minister’s Notes

First impressions:

Humphrey Dumpton is a large and imposing man yet he sits with slumped shoulders and an air of hopelessness. His delicate white face, wide-set eyes and a large smooth forehead give an impression of great intelligence. He speaks slowly and thoughtfully.


Despite the fact that he has in many ways successfully negotiated his way through life, having earned an excellent degree and made enough funds in a few years of work to already own his own home, Humphrey sees himself as a victim.

This seems to be rooted in his experiences at school – bullies used to wrap him in tin foil, carry him round on a spoon etc. He also has a very dominant mother, who hen-pecked him as a child.

What he believes about himself is preventing him from moving on from his traumatic fall from Wall Street.

Ungodly beliefs:

Humphrey is affected by some powerful lies that he strongly believes to be true:

Ungodly belief 1: I’m broken and no-one can fix me.

Ungodly belief 2: I am a victim.

Ungodly belief 3: Things will always go wrong for me so there’s no point trying.

How we ministered:

We led Humphrey through a prayer of forgiveness. He forgave those who bullied him at school, and he forgave his mom for being overbearing.

He repented for judging his mom for being overbearing, and forgave all those in his generational lines (mother’s side and father’s) where there was a long family history of overbearing, controlling women.

Humphrey repented for believing the 3 ungodly beliefs and chose to accept these Bible-based truths:

1: Nothing is impossible for God; he is my helper and my healer.

2: I don’t need to pity myself or play the victim because God has made me an overcomer. With God’s help, I am an overcomer.

3: God has plans for me that give me a hope and a future, I can expect good things to happen again.

Prayer Ministry

We prayed for Humphrey, releasing him from rejection, hopelessness, depression, control and a victim spirit.

As we prayed, he saw a picture in his mind. In the picture he was an egg that had been pushed off a wall and shattered into tiny pieces. But Jesus came and found him, and put him back together. Then Jesus put him back up on an even higher wall, but he felt safe this time, because he knew whatever happened, Jesus could help and rescue him.

Humphrey had the revelation that being a victim wasn’t the same as humility. God didn’t want him to be a victim. He remembered the parable of the talents, and determined to start using his financial talents again, to help others.

Final observations

After our time together I noticed a physical change in Humphrey; he walked out of our session standing taller and more energized. Although, he will still have to walk out his healing and meditate on his new godly beliefs, we have high hopes for Humphrey. I suspect that as he learns to believe in himself, his God-given identity and gifts he’ll really start to live an eggceptional life.



This is a fictional account and is not based on any eggs I know.

This prayer ministry model is based loosely on the eggstremely eggcellent Restoring the Foundations (RTF) prayer ministry model.

If you would like to get put back together with some highly trained and sensitive prayer ministry I highly recommend a Healing Week or an Issue-Focused session with your local Restoring the Foundations ministers. Details are available here.