My Legs Are Even!


This testimony was sent to Revival Magazine by a woman who watched Catch The Fire TV and had an incredible miraculous healing! She was watching the weekly Friday evening meeting on Catch The Fire TV, where you can watch all our live streamed meetings and access a multitude of archives.

Would you expect God to perform a miracle over the internet? An unexpected healing leads to greater faith. 

* * *

I had noticed my legs were uneven over a year ago.

I noticed the effects when sometimes, when I spent a little too much time standing or walking (especially in church, where I like to pace as I'm praying and worshipping), that the left side of my upper back near my neck would hurt. The issue was highlighted to me even more when someone came to pray for me. While he prayed, my legs would temporarily even out, but did not remain that way after he finished praying.

"He made it seem pretty easy and natural."

On March 23rd, a Friday night, I was watching Catch The Fire TV. Steve Long was leading the meeting and began to speak about healing. He made it seem pretty easy and natural to get healed, like it was really not a big deal at all.

I suspect that my legs started being uneven, or my back starting to hurt when I allowed myself to hold unforgiveness to someone who had hurt me. I had previously heard Steve mention forgiveness in relation to healing, so I made a point to again forgive that person who had hurt me and then simply believed that my legs should then be even. 

"the prayer was really simple"

My faith was built when a woman came up front to testify of how the person she prayed for received her healing. Apparently, the prayer was really simple; "Father, she is your daughter and she needs healing. Please give it to her now". She was healed after such a short, trusting prayer!

The service was such a peaceful time with Papa. Receiving my healing in that moment was really just about having simple childlike trust. It worked!

"It still makes me smile."

I'm happy to report that my legs are now even. When it happened I was thrilled; I think I was giggling. It was such a neat thing for the Holy Spirit to do. But as I'm writing this, I'm also sobered by the understanding how serious unforgiveness is. A very little amount of the pain remains in my back, but I will believe Papa to heal this completely.

Many thanks to Steve Long and to Catch The Fire - and, of course, to our wonderful and faithful God!

I've used my healing to encourage several other people. I'm still amazed and periodically check my legs to see if they are still even. They are, and it still makes me smile.