Review | Convergence by Patricia Bootsma


Convergence: Heaven’s Destiny Becoming Your Reality is a refreshingly simple book on how to walk into the promises that God has for your life. Patricia digs into Scripture and into her own life experiences to demonstrate the overwhelming goodness of God, how to embrace that goodness deep within, and how to then walk into your prophetic destiny. Patricia writes with an informal honesty that feels as if you are listening to her in her own kitchen.

More than perhaps any other, Patricia has been a child of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that began in Toronto in 1994, and of those who have shepherded it. She teaches with great power and authority, and lives the life of one radically sold out to the will of her Heavenly Father. This book walks you through her journey from milking cows in rural Canada to performing signs and wonders in front of massive crowds in Africa. She explains what God has done in her life to get her there and how you too can respond willingly to God.

For a number of years, people have been prophesying a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will be far greater than that which continues in Toronto today. A recurring theme in these words is the importance of “getting”, or fully grasping, what God has been doing during this current time; themes of the Father heart, inner healing, gifts of the Spirit, and open heavens have been prominent. I can't think of another volume that better summarizes the work that God has done in so many of us during the last few years. For those of you who’ve been deep in the river, this book will refresh you and remind you of the incredible road God takes us on towards Himself. And for those like me, who’ve come late to the party, Convergence may explain and contextualize certain things you never fully understood.

If you have remained reticent regarding the move of God from Toronto, this book provides a beautiful perspective on how much God desires for His heavenly plans to become your earthly plans. Patricia spends little time on the outward manifestations of the move of God or other things some have found difficult to swallow, but focuses on the steps that you can take to walk free of your past, and into the glorious destiny God has for you.

Not only does this book summarize many of the things learned in this revival, but it also hints at what is to come. My hope and my prayer is that Convergence is the first of a new wave of books, teachings, and revelation to come from those who have grown up within this incredible move of God, and who have been invited to stand on the shoulders of those who’ve shepherded what God has done so far.

Convergence: Heaven's Destiny Becoming Your Reality is available from Catch The Fire Resources.