Summer Digest 2012


Welcome to our Summer Digest!

You are looking at the online version of Revival Magazine’s first ever print issue, the Summer Digest 2012. This mini-magazine is a sample of all the great things we have on, aimed at those that aren’t internet lovers, or have not yet connected with Revival Magazine online. To the right of this page are links to the 6 articles featured in the Summer Digest. The print version is currently only available in-store.

So, a bit of background on Revival Magazine: We officially began in November 2011. There was much dreaming and planning after Spread The Fire Magazine released its last print edition in 2009, and finally Revival Magazine was launched.

Spread The Fire ran for 14 years, with copies distributed all over the world, communicating stories of Revival and encouraging revivalists in the Father’s love. The heart behind Revival Magazine is very similar; to spread stories of revival all over the world, but this time with an interactive edge using written material, videos and the opportunity to join our online community by commenting on what you see.

We love encountering God; the times when He meets us and impacts our lives forever. We also know that life is a day by day journey, where those moments can sometimes seem far away. We want to bridge that gap by providing perspective on everyday life, beside encouragement to live supernaturally. That’s why we have a unique mix of articles by leaders in revival (for example Carol Arnott’s article on 'A Battle for Intimacy and the Worship Revolution') , and people living revival principles day to day (take a look at Adele Richards column 'Because I said So').

If you enjoy what you read in this Summer Digest and think ‘Hey, I could do that!’ then why not send us your article idea or a sample of your writing to We’d love to hear from you.

We’re regularly dreaming up ways to improve and expand what we offer you, so don’t forget to keep coming back to Revival Magazine for more great content in the coming months. You can also keep posted through our facebook and twitter pages.


The Revival Magazine Team

Print editions of the Summer Digest are available from the Catch The Fire Resources store, located inside the Catch The Fire Toronto Airport Campus building, 268 Attwell Drive, M9W 6M3.

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