Saved from Trafficking


All names are changed for confidentiality purposes.

Nightmare before Christmas

On the night of December 20th 2011, Karen was woken up by her daughter, Lisa with news that her other daughter, Jody, had left their apartment.

Karen’s two teenage daughters share a bedroom, and in the early morning Jody had quietly slipped out of the apartment to meet a man that had lured her by talking to her on the internet, persuading her to bring her passport with her. Karen describes the moment when she found out: “Like any mother you freeze. I called the police and called my family, and immediately the Holy Spirit said to me ‘48 hours’.”

Extreme Faith

This was the spark of hope that kept Karen going. As the police were out searching for her daughter, Karen prayed through the day and night with her friend Gill. “We besieged the Lord,” Karen explains, “And then spontaneous praise erupted and fear went. I decided to trust God, because he’s the God of the impossible. I trusted him through so many other things, and He’s been faithful, I know He’s going to be faithful now.”

Karen’s was a radical response, as she asked God to bring her daughter back before Christmas, just two days from when she was kidnapped. “I asked God to have no-one touch her.”

Then, at 6.40am on December 22nd, the Holy Spirit told Karen, “I’m bringing her home.” At 7:10am, there was a knock on the door. Karen’s daughter Jody was back.

Divine protection

“They had glued a wig on her and changed her clothing.” The police reported to Karen that it was likely a human trafficking scheme.

The kidnapper had driven Jody to the border with America, but her passport had expired. He took her back into Canada and kept her in a hotel room for two days, but amazingly, he didn’t touch her.

Human trafficking is a very real issue in our society today, yet most of us are unaware. Thankfully, the angels were protecting Jody and she was brought home safe. “It was the biggest Christmas present I ever got in my life,” says Karen.