Outreach in Lebanon


A team of students and leaders from the School of Revival in Raleigh, North Carolina, went to Lebanon from 13th-17th May 2012 for their outreach to Lebanon. There ministered to people on the streets, in universities, in churches and in an International Leaders School of Ministry. Two students share their experiences:

Tesia Theriot

I feel like I got to Lebanon holding a bunch of puzzle pieces; the trip was the culmination of the tools I've been equipped with in the school throughout the past two years. I learned a lot about the way God works and who I am in Him.

"she couldn't seem to shake the shame"

It was amazing to see inner healing happen through prophetic words and one-on-one time. I am now more convinced that Jesus is the greatest physician. I can lead people through beautiful and godly prayers, but until there is an encounter with God the heart will not shift effectively. I met a girl who was on fire for God but had experienced deep emotional trauma through sexual molestation, rape, abortion and incest. She'd gone through numerous prayers, but she couldn't seem to shake the shame and connection she still carried in her identity to those experiences. We did ministry together and Jesus was able to speak to her heart directly in a way that made sense to her and shifted her belief paradigm. This is what I'm truly interested in!

I was amazed at the supernatural encounters that God had set up in my interaction with people. Individuals that were not yet saved told me of dreams that they'd had about Jesus. My eyes were opened to how living and active God is in the Middle East. He has not set Himself against those people; He loves them and has a powerful plan! Because of the devastation from war, religion and instability there is great hunger that I believe God is answering.

"I now see a better picture of what He has for me"

I came back with a huge sense of trust in God, accompanied by a newfound revelation of His goodness. Where I had felt a looming sense of mediocrity before, I now see a better picture of what He has for me and the glory He has called me to in Him. I have a better idea of how to let go of control and instead allow Him to create opportunities for me.

Daniel Mehltretter

Before going on outreach, I wasn’t particularly concerned about Lebanon’s history of conflict. The Lord had already put it on my heart to go there. However, my mother didn’t share my peace about me going on the trip! I wasn’t able to convince her, but I knew that my Heavenly Daddy was the only one that could give her the same peace He gave me. I am happy to say that before I left, He did!

I had no earthly idea what Lebanon would be like. I expected there to be more Muslims than Christians, but it is actually the other way around. Almost every hill has a large cross it. They told us that Christianity is the most common religion in the country. Unfortunately, for many of the people there, all that means is that it says 'Christian' on their birth certificates; like in America, that doesn’t always mean a relationship with God.

"All we had to do was walk where He showed us."

Everywhere we went we had the honor and favor of God. All we had to do was walk where He showed us. We could get away with walking up to complete strangers without it being strange because we were from another culture. The joy of the Lord really touched people we met, even because of simple gestures like a high-five.

What impacted me most was seeing how the Holy Spirit ministered to people’s hearts through us. There were so many stories of people seeing visions from the Lord that really opened their hearts and spirits.

During praise and worship one day, the Lord showed me a vision of a container of white pills. Like many of the visions He gives me, I didn’t understand what it represented at first. Later on, I was praying for a pastor during the Leaders School when the Holy Spirit reminded me of the vision. Stepping out in faith I explained what I had seen earlier and then handed him a couple of the ‘invisible pills’. He took them and I heard God say clearly, “Leave the rest to me.” So I left. Later, the pastor came back to me and explained that the 'pill' I gave him awakened his spirit. He saw it awaken like a sleeping giant. I noticed that his eyes sparkled with new life after that.

"everyone who experiences a missions trip grows"

I believe that everyone who experiences a missions trip grows. I was completely dependent upon God in Lebanon, and I have brought that dependency home with me. I learned more about myself - I am very much an introvert, so I had reservations about being stuck around people all the time. Thankfully, I had time every morning to seek God, and He always gave me everything I needed to make it through the day. God knows our needs on outreach. He uses the amazing opportunity not only to impact others, but to teach us as well. I absolutely recommend outreach to everyone.

If you would like to join an outreach with a team from Catch The Fire, take a look at the opportuinities online by searching 'mission' on the events page.