Review | The Essential Guide to Healing by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark


Are you an ‘unbelieving believer’ or a ‘believing believer’?

Randy Clark defines the ‘unbelieving believer’ as those who come to church regularly yet don’t believe that certain gifts of the Holy Spirit manifest.

Randy Clark (founder of Global awakening) and Bill Johnson (Senior Pastor of Bethel Church) collaborate in their new book The Essential Guide to Healing. They express that the power of God, especially healing, can be useful in our ministry today as it was in biblical times.

Immediately, Randy’s narrative voice embeds us in his journey of healing by sharing experiences of his tragic accident and how God miraculously healed him. Bill Johnson shows us how we should never give up in seeking for miracles because God will follow through.

In the chapter entitled 'Theology of Healing', Randy and Bill disprove the Liberalist and Cessassionist views of the Holy Spirit. Through Biblical evidence,
they demonstrate and educate us how the Holy Spirit is as active today as He was in the ministry of Jesus Christ and His apostles.

In the eyes of the ‘unbelieving believer’, healing has become an impossible reality. Bill Johnson suggests that the “impossible invites the faith-full to come and conquer”. Bill and Randy teaches us how to pray for the sick by listening to God; so we may let His healing power manifest.

If you’re a ‘believing believer’, you will enjoy and be enlightened by Bill and Randy. For the ‘unbelieving believers’, be careful, they just might make a believer out of you.

The Essential Guide to Healing is available online from Catch The Fire Resources.