Ministry in Nagaland


The Nagamese have an appetite for God's presence. They know how to honor His anointing and they received the honor's reward. 

It was one of my very best ministry trips. I was invited to the state of Nagaland in the far northeastern part India. Nagaland has a population of 2 million people and it is one of the smallest states of India. The state is mostly mountainous except those areas bordering Assam valley. During the early 1900s Nagaland was caught in a war between India and Japan. Japan came through the borders of Burma to attack India. The Indian armies put the people of Nagaland in the forefront; the Japanese killed most of the Nagamese people.

Thus there was bitterness and unforgiveness towards the Indian government. The people of Nagaland were fighting for a separate state, so they asked the British to help them get a separate state. The British government instead sent missionaries to help them. Baptist missionaries from Britain evangelized across Nagaland.

The people of Nagaland were known as fierce fighters. In fact, two generations ago they were headhunters. They believed that the human soul lived in the nape of the neck and beheading would set it free! The trophies (heads) were hoarded in the men’s community house called `Morung’.

Today they have 98% Christians, mainly from Baptist denominations. I was invited by a young YWAM leader based in Nagaland to bring the message of the Father's Heart and give people the opportunity to know more about the move of the Holy Spirit that we experienced in Toronto.

"God had begun to move supernaturally."

My week began with a conference in Dimapur; honestly speaking it was a hard place to minister to people. They have a high value in honoring the church leaders, however they struggled to step into the love of God. Towards the end of the meeting, the sound man, a Hindu convert, came up to me to thank me for sharing that God is a father who loves us just the way we are. He began sharing his story, telling me that he had recently come out of prison after 12 years. He was in love with a girl in his village; the girl’s family was against their relationship so they both escaped to another a city. The girl’s father paid the police lots of money to arrest him and keep him in jail for the rest of his life.

During his time in prison a Christian mother visited him and shared about Jesus. She gave him a Bible, but he ignored it and everything she said. He concluded that he had no reason to live, as he couldn't marry the love of his life, so he decided to take his life by taking a full bottle of sleeping pills. The following morning he woke up to realize that he was alive and he could not understand why. He heard an inner voice telling him to read the Bible. He surrendered his life to the Lord and began reading the Bible. After 12 years he was released from the prison and was asked to leave the state of Bihar, ending up in Nagaland now serving as a soundman for an audiovisual company. As I prayed with him, he began receiving the love of God. He told me, "I understand and know the true love of my life comes from the Father." That was the beginning of my ministry in Nagaland; God had begun to move supernaturally.

"They were so hungry for God that I could not finish my message."

My next stop was at Kohima Bible College, the very first college started there in 1973. They currently have 173 students. They were so hungry for God that I could not finish my message, and the Father just lavished upon them with his presence. The principal and vice principal were in utter shock to see their students on the floor crying and wailing under the power of God. Towards the end of the meeting, the vice principal tried to bring the meeting in order by reciting, "Praise the Lord" 3 times. At that moment he began to shake and move. He was leaning on to a pole and he could not say his closing prayers as all of a sudden he sat down and laughed uncontrollably.

"I am not sure what I can give them."

As Holy Spirit moved like a rushing wind, I began calling for people who needed healing. A young man of 17 years old came who needed healing from severe pain in his neck and chest. At 10 years old while playing he was struck by a long nail that went through his neck. Although the nail was removed he experienced severe pain everyday. Holy Spirit led me to ask him to forgive himself - the students had never heard of a prayer of forgiving yourself. He began to look at his principal and look at me, when he had this shock and sudden laugh at the same time. He said there was a surge of electricity going through him and he was completely healed.

I ministered at the Bible College for two days and on Sunday I spoke at a church where the pastor is so open to the Holy Spirit and has heard about the Toronto revival. I was asked to speak at all their three services. At the 2.30 service I was really tired and I told the Holy Spirit, "I am not sure what I can give them." I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, “Call for any healing I will heal them.” I began calling people with any problem with their legs and 20 – 30 people came forward. Because I was so exhausted to ask each of them what was wrong, I just laid hands on them and the Holy Spirit touched them rapidly. I began asking them to check, and they were healed of knee pain, back pain and joint pain. Later I found out that people walk miles up and down the hills so most of them have leg problems.

"I have never seen such rapid healing in a service."

I called people with stomach problems; people began receiving their healing. I have never seen such rapid healing in a service. To my shock, I found myself in pool of healing anointing! People were receiving their healing so easily. Because they have food and water scarcity people develop all kinds of stomach sickness. God was healing them and people began to weep and laugh with joy.

When I went back to my hotel, I asked the Lord, "why was it so easy to release healing in the meeting?" He said to me “Son, because they have an appetite for my presence and they honor my presence and so they received the honor’s reward”.

God took me to Nagaland to teach me about his supernatural move. I took lots of teaching with me in order to talk about the heart of the Father, but instead the Father demonstrated his love through impartation and healing. God wants to demonstrate his love and power supernaturally, not by our works. I am asking God to give me a supernatural appetite for his presence, love and healing.

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works [Supernatural works],
which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10 NASB)

Marina and I are going back in March 2013 to the mountains of Nagaland, to experience the move of the Father in awesome way. You can believe God for supernatural provision to join us and see and experience supernatural move of God in Nagaland. Look out for details on the Catch The Fire events page nearer the time.