March for Life - Ending Abortion in Canada


Last night I dreamed that I was at an abortion clinic, standing with my back to the registration desk, with my arms wide in a desperate attempt to literally intercept whoever was coming in next. The place was silent (not a popular night for abortions, I guess) until a young girl walked in with her best friend. The girl looked scared and exhausted and faintly nauseous; her best friend was clearly there for moral support. The young girl looked quisically at me standing there, and I said "You don't want to abort that baby." 

"I don't?" she replied.

The next thing I can remember, we're in my car and I'm driving her and her girlfriend home. I gave her a business card and wrote "Call me at 3am", and then explained to her that when her baby is born, and is waking up through the night, and she's exhausted and at the end of her rope, to not hesitate to call. That I'd be there, as soon as she needed.

I love dream-me! I'm so Godly and compassionate! 

I long to be citizen of a nation that rejects abortion, regardless of legal rights.

When I woke up and told my wife, she said "Huh... it's the national March for Life today in Ottawa." (Dream-me evidently arrives right on time as well.) I would encourage all of you with the means to do so get yourselves to Ottawa today, to support the national cause against abortion. The schedule of events is posted here

I care about what Canada's government says about abortion, as should you about your own nation's government. That said, I care more, about what a country's people say about abortion. And I care most, about what we say to those seeking an abortion. What we say, with both our words and our actions, will have the longest lasting impact. While laws will come and go, and people's perspectives change, the positive difference that we can begin in a person's life today, by encouraging them to choose life, will have the most profound and lasting impact. The 40 Days for Life movement reports the saving of 5045 babies' lives since it's inception. I praise those efforts. That's a lot of mothers living without the added condemnation, shame and health problems that abortion brings. But my heart burns to know whether that's also 5045 families who have been embraced, who have been helped through sleepless nights, who have enough food, who are now able to clothe their children. And who, most-of-all, are now living abundant Kingdom life because the spirit of Christ in you, has come alongside them to adopt them into God's over-abundant family.

When you get home from the March for Life, hug someone who doesn't have the courage to be pregnant.

We modern followers of Christ have earned a prize reputation for showing up in droves at marches, concerts and at a certain Mel Gibson film. I wager most of us have not, as yet, earned the dubious distinction of "friends of sinners." Until a pharisee has spat on you, mistaking you for another prostitute like the one you're sitting beside, I think you should feel a measure of discordance in your life. Five thousand saved babies is five thousand opportunies for you to lift someone's burden, to be Christ in their life, to show them a more excellent way. And it's a potential five thousand more incredible personalities to increase the beauty of the Bride of our magnificent Lord Jesus Christ. Are you as zealous for Christ to get the Bride he deserves, as you are for abortion to be made illegal? Because quite frankly, Christ is already receiving those babies with open arms.

I wonder, in retrospect, if dream-me wasn't actually trying to intercept whoever came in, but rather, to hug whoever came in.

When you get home from the March for Life, which I maintain is an event of great importance and significance, hug someone who doesn't have the courage to continue their pregnancy. Urge them to choose life by providing a life for them and their children that is worth being a part of. Remove the obstacles that their pregnancy poses for them. And bring them into God's mighty family, that they might truly have a hope and a future.

As for me, I long to be citizen of a nation that rejects abortion, regardless of all legal rights and privileges. A nation that has seen a vision of a more excellent way, that has been inspired by love, to choose life, and to choose it daily. And I'm not planning on giving up my Canadian citizenship any time soon.