You Can Change the World


Bethany's dreams are awakened and she discovers true revival can begin in your own heart. 

YOU change the world

For a long time I have wanted to change the world. I wanted to see revival, I wanted to see thousands coming to Christ, I wanted to set up ministries worldwide and see the world set on fire for Jesus. But my heart had to have revival first.

iDestiny School of Ministry Manchester, England, taught me what revival is. True revival happens when your mind is awakened and revived to the reality WHO you are and WHERE you are.

When you have hold of these two things, your heart is revived to its original nature and you cannot help but impact the people you come into contact with. Everyone you touch touches Jesus, everyone you hug hugs the father, everyone you smile at is smiled at by the Holy Spirit. You can see people for who they are, the way they were created.

This mindset is far more powerful than that of someone who seeks the world set alight for Jesus, but does not realize that the power of Christ is actually hidden inside them; a person who strives and is driven for results and purpose but does not realize the significance of the small things they do. Even walking down the street to pick up milk can be significant in the Kingdom of God because it is Christ that you carry. Christ changes the world wherever he steps.

Who you are

I have big dreams. I have a heart to see slavery ended across the world, people rescued from poverty and thousands saved, healed and restored. But I know I can only do this when knowing that I am a daughter. I want all my my ‘work’ to be done out of sonship, not out of striving. I only want to ‘do’ because my dad first has ‘done’. Whether I literally change the world, or whether I sit at home with a book, doesn’t affect the way He looks at me.

He wants our hearts not our works. When our hearts really grasp and knows this, then we can step out and make powerful changes because we are not striving from pain and rejection. We don’t need to strive to impress God because the truth is, He already is proud of you and me, even when we haven’t done anything.

I don’t want to set up ministries to please people, to please God, or to please and satisfy myself. I want to do it because I am already 100% accepted and loved and I can’t help but let that spill over out of myself and onto the world, letting everyone know that they too are children of God, that they are known, seen and chosen!

Where you are

We can change the world when we know where we are. The Bible says that we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6). Even better than that, we are IN Christ Jesus and he is in us! I believe that changing the world and seeing revival is going to be far easier when our hearts are secure in knowing where we are.

Revelation of the cross

When Jesus said ‘it is finished’, I believe he really meant it. Because of those words, there is a better way to live: free of relationship difficulties, free of fear, anxiety, stress, depression, hopelessness and mistrust. Jesus took these broken things onto his broken body and put and end to them. But sadly, many people don’t always fully realize that. We can easily live with the pain of the past, with a struggle to fight sin and a struggle against temptation.

My heart is to get more and more revelation of what actually happened on those wooden beams; to understand the reality of the cross. I want every conversation I have to drip with that joy and hope, to be able to encourage someone that is struggling with anxiety, knowing that Jesus paid for it on the cross! We can change the world every single moment of every single day by loving people back to life. I truly believe this can only happen effectively, when you know you are loved, when you know who you are and where you are. When your love for these people is pouring out of a well of your own love relationship with the father.

Experiencing Revival

This January the iDestiny School of Ministry students spent two weeks in France. Here we experienced what I would call revival. In the beautiful city of Lyon we encountered treasure amongst the people. We spent our days on the streets doing ‘treasure hunts’, simply hearing from God who he wanted us to encounter and finding them. We showed them that they were in fact the treasure we were looking for; they are known and noticed by their father. We were privileged enough to share with them a small example of being a son or a daughter. We did this simply for the sake of love; we are so loved by our Dad that we can’t help but love the people!

We spent evenings visiting beautiful women who work late into the night in cold vans in the middle of January, without much food, heat or clothing. They are so alone. We did not rescue them from their cages (although that’s a plan for another day) but it was our privilege to show them who Jesus is by taking them a warm cup of tea and a Christmas chocolate - we had never seen smiles so big for a biscuit.

We took a small flask of tea, which didn’t run out that night. Jesus’ heart is for relationship, he wants those women to know they are loved, me and the team could show them that. I know how loved I am, so when I hugged and kissed those ladies, I know it was my Dad who was hugging and kissing them. When I touched their hands or passed them their tea, I know it was Jesus doing that through me. I was able to let his love pour out of me because I constantly live in it.

We got to have the privilege of praying for numerous people to be healed and set free from arthritis, back pain, neck pain, knee problems, broken fingers and broken relationships. All we did was love them and say there is a better way. Jesus paid for this sickness, he paid for this relationship failure, he paid for this hurt on the cross. I was so confident in his love on that outreach because God spent the previous 4months showing me my freedom, showing me how to forgive release other people. He’s shown me how he thinks of me and he showed me what happened on the cross, what happened to my fear that I thought I would have to live with forever, what happened to my anxiety and low self esteem. And so now I get to show other people.

That’s revival. It doesn’t have to happen in a foreign country or in a big conference centre. It can happen day to day on the streets, in the pubs, in your homes, with your children. Why? Because of who you are and where you are. You carry Him.