Middle East Leaders School Testimonies


In 2011, Catch The Fire held schools for leaders from the persecuted church in the Middle East.

In late 2011, a team from Catch The Fire went to a country in the Middle East, where they held two International Leaders School of Ministry weeks for many leaders who are persecuted for their faith. Here are some testimonies of the remarkable things that God did:

Helmut & Judith

We are thankful for the team who served us here in a very much needed area. We have seen quite a difference in the lives of those attending. We have also seen it impacting our whole church. We are thankful for all that was taught and imparted into us by John & Carol Arnott, Chloe & Stu Glassborow amd the whole team. God bless you as you share the Father’s heart around the world.


I was blessed greatly by the conference, both through the teaching and in receiving from God directly and through the team. I received several pictures and words during the time - some bringing healing to hurts of the past, some bringing joy and some encouraging and strengthening me both now and for the future.


In a quiet time, the Lord lifted me up in a gold dust cloud and walked with me on streets of gold. I was in a white bride's dress. He showed me my first messed up marriage and lifted the insecurity and rejection coming from it. I saw that the God the Father was with me, holding and hugging me. He told me that he would never leave me. Then I saw my daughter as a little girl and we were both in the Fathers embrace. I felt loved and secure and I cried for joy.

Adem & Olga

We were very blessed by listening to the Lords word and being together with brothers and sisters. We felt that the Lord has been lifting a heavy burden from our shoulders. I have never laughed so much, never felt so drunk, not in my 2 years of being a believer nor before when I was dinking alcohol for 8 years. I know that the Lord wants to draw us to himself.


Since I was at the conference, I have not yet come back to myself! I still can feel the fire. I got a new horizon. I get up at 5am to soak and get filled with the Holy Spirit. I can not thank the team enough for their ministry. PLEASE come back.


The whole seminar was very important for me. We had lessons as well as the practice in which I could rest before the Lord and get healing for my heart. The prophetic words were right on. May the Lord bless the whole team richly as we were blessed richly.


For me, it was life changing and I felt as if I had a personal visit from the Father. Like many, I entered the school with an “orphans spirit” but came through by Gods grace with a Spirit of Sonship. Praise the Lord. I was able to “re-identify” with Christ and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and changed it from one of Stone to one of flesh; for the first time in years I was able to hear from God. While some of the teachings were somewhat new to me I found myself open to the working of the Holy Spirit. I was able to walk into freedom and take my place in His Kingdom and ministering in Power and Authority. After returning to home, I immediately went to a jeweller and found a wonderful ring and had written inside what the Lord spoke to me earlier in the school “Stay close to me; you are my son”. I now wear this ring on my right hand as a reminder to me of who I am and also using it to share my story with others. I and others at our church are committed to keep the fire going, passing it on to our sisters and brothers.


I learned how to be closer with our Father as I was filled with Holy Spirit during the services. I am waiting for the next time you come.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of these testimonies, we are unable to publish full names or details.