Sowing and Reaping | A Financial Miracle


Eleanor and John decided to put extra money into the offering after a prophetic word. This is what happened next.

I was at my ladies cell group a couple of weeks ago, when I asked the cell group to pray for an upcoming court settlement in our family; that God's favour and justice would done. At the end of our evening, one of the ladies came over to me privately and said she felt that God was saying for us to sow into the offering and we would reap favour as a result.

One year earlier, John's work terminated his position because the company was down sizing. He went through a stressful time at the end of 2010 and had to start another job at a lower pay scale in March 2011. We were happy at the time that John was able to keep a job within the company, even at the lower pay scale. It put stress on our family's financial position, but we were still able to meet most of our monthly bills.

On Sunday April 1, my husband John and I prayed over our $10 in the car before church and then sowed it into the offering that day as an extra offering. We weren't thinking of John's work situation when we sowed the extra offering, but four days later, on Thursday, John got called into a meeting at work. He was told that he would be was reinstated with the pay that he had originally been getting. Not only were they going to reinstate his pay that week, but he was also going to be given some retroactive pay, which he will be receiving soon. John's new wage gives him an extra $5,400 per year from now on!

Even though the sowing we did was for another totally different financial topic, God stepped in and gave John justice in finances that we were not even expecting to receive! We would never have thought of sowing extra money into the offering without my friend suggesting it, but our faith has really increased. We are still expecting in faith for God to move in our other situation. This experience has let us see that God is interested in providing for us in ways that we are not expecting, or planning for at all. We are believing that this is the year for release to God's people of stolen inheritances and release of financial blessings to the body of Christ. 

We give God all the praise. He is good!