Healings in Brazil


Brazil is a nation of faith where signs and wonders seem to be very easy to access.

I had the privilege of being in Brazil for the last two weeks of February this year, and I spent the first week ministering with Pastor Gilberto Lima, a PIH pastor of a Portuguese church in Toronto and one of my best friends. We visited three churches where we spoke about ‘Father Loves You’, ministered, and had healing meetings. Here are four miracle stories from when we were in Brazil.

She had given up on life, getting married and getting healed.

In Curitiba we were in a Four Square church, a congregation with multiple campuses. Our first night was Saturday and in the healing time I focused on two of the most obviously needy people. (I'm learning to do what Heidi Baker does and focus on "the one".)

There was a woman aged 22 in a wheelchair. She shared via my interpreter, a gal of 18, that she was paralyzed from her armpits down when hit by a car at just 15 years old. She had no feeling other than in her arms and neck. Her neck, upper back and shoulders were in extreme pain. She had gained weight due to lack of exercise and told us she had given up on life, getting married and getting healed. Friends had brought her to the meeting because it had been advertised as a night of miracles.

The friends who brought her to the meeting were ecstatic.

As we ministered to her, the love of God was evidently on her. At first she noticed was that there was no pain in her back and neck. She then began to feel fire in her body, especially her legs. Hope was being restored as feeling returned to her body. She was not able to move her legs but was trying. I noticed her later in the night again trying to stand up. The friends who brought her to the meeting were ecstatic as they had not seen any breakthroughs until that point. She left that night needing more healing, but full of faith!

I then moved with my on-fire translator to a man in his fifties who had a degenerative bone disease. Earlier that evening I noticed him enter the building slowly with crutches. His shoulders were off balance, one lower by about 3-4 inches. His hips were also out of balance, his body was twisted and he was clearly in pain. My translator and I spent about 20 minutes with him and by the end of the night he had no pain, his shoulders were almost straight and he was walking with greater pace using the crutches. He told us he would be back for the Sunday night.

We met him before the meeting began on Sunday night and He shared that the pain returned about noon that day and his shoulders had also lost the healing. He was back to where we started the night before and clearly down on himself. We told him that recovering his healing would be easy and that at the end of the night we'd have lots of time to finish praying for him.

While fire tunnels were going, my translator and I started ministering, this time with a large group of people watching us. After about 30 minutes this man had his shoulders level, his hips were almost straight and he was able to stand unassisted. He was able to do deep knee bends by himself. He was able to walk with small steps by himself. With his crutches he was almost running. It was amazing to watch his smile, to see the tears in his mother’s face and the joy his friends had for his breakthrough!

On Monday night we were in Sao Paulo for a Pastors and Leaders conference hosted by a PIH church. Before the meeting began, a young man who spoke English came to me. He introduced himself and his boss. His boss, a young man of 32, was down from Toronto on a business trip. They had the night off and the employee asked if his boss would like to come to his church and hear a man from Toronto speak. The boss was not saved, but told me that he was starting to listen to the Bible on CD in his car.

God used a non-Christian to heal a lady!

I led a healing time before my sermon and asked everyone who had any pain or sickness to stand. I then asked those near them to pray, and I led them through a series of prayers for healing. After each of the three prayers we checked to see who was healed. This young man from Toronto was doing what I said, ministering to a lady seated behind him. When we asked who was healed on prayer one she put up her hand. God used a non-Christian to heal a lady!

After the sermon I did an altar call and about 15 people stood to say that they had just asked Jesus into their lives. Guess who stood? It was not only the young man from Toronto, but the lady he prayed for was on her feet, too! She wasn't saved either and because of her healing she gave her life to Jesus. Because God used the Toronto man to heal a person, he got saved! I love this stuff!

I heard the Holy Spirit say, "This one will be easy!"

Later in the week, Gilberto and I took Thursday morning off and went to a large mall to look for shoes. We found a men’s store with a great selection. I would normally just buy shoes straight away, but after about 45 minutes of trying on shoes, I had my two pairs and Gilberto was finalizing which ones he wanted. 

I was sitting playing solitaire on my IPhone when a young couple come into the store. He was wearing a leg cast below the knee, and was noticeably in pain. As he walked by me I heard the Holy Spirit say, "This one will be easy!" So I stood up, got Gilberto and went over to him. I asked what happened and he told me he had torn his Achilles heel and tendons and was in lots of pain. I told him that I was a follower of Jesus and could I heal him for free. I said this because there was a doctor in the store, trying on white shoes, paying attention to our conversation.

We did not lower our voices so everyone in the store heard our conversation in English and Portuguese. The young man said he was happy for me to heal him so I had him say the following prayer. "My healing belongs to me because of what Jesus has done, I receive my healing now." I asked him to walk around and everyone stopped to watch.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, "This one will be easy!"

You could tell in his facial expression that he was healed. He started moving faster, putting weight on the leg. He said there was absolutely no pain. The most shocked person in the shoe store was the doctor. Needless to say our salesman was now asking how we did that and Gilberto had an opportunity to talk to him about Jesus. That is my kind of shopping! Buy nice shoes and get to see Jesus do a miracle!

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