Karen's Testimony | Angels and Clowns


Divine protection, inner and physical healing draws Karen's heart to freedom. 

I'd like to thank God for being so good to us.

My husband Ron and I registered at this year’s Pastors and Leaders conference, and were on our way to check into our hotel, when we almost got severely injured.

The driver spun in an icy donut.

We were driving through a snow storm in our 4x4 car when, just 2 blocks away from the church, a car swerved out of control in front of us. The driver spun in an icy donut between our Jeep and another car, crossing over the line and 2 lanes. Ronny was almost hit on the driver’s side, but managed to swerve out of the way, climbing up the curb and onto the grass, avoiding the broadside speedy hit. In 10 years, we haven’t experienced anything remotely close to this incident!

Amazingly, we did not receive any injuries, and our car wasn’t damaged. We know that God protected us, and that night at the conference, Lillian Brown shared a vision of a protector angel, protecting the things to come. We now really believe in protecting angels!

It was really special for me to be at the Pastors and Leaders conference on January 20, 2012, as my life was changed forever 18 years previously on January 20, 1994. I am so grateful to God for coming to Toronto on that day.

“God is doing something up here”

January 20, 1994 was a cold night, I remember it vividly! Randy Clark was praying for the children. He was saying “God is doing something up here,” but we in the congregation couldn't see anything yet. Then one by one, with no catchers, people began falling like feathers as Holy Spirit rested on them and they were filled.

Father God touched my own broken heart with His Father's love for me. Jeremy & Connie Sinnott were beautifully singing, "It is the Cry of my Heart (to Follow You)" by Terry Butler. As I laid down in the Holy Spirit, the song began to sound like circus music to me. My eyes were closed. I felt Father God speak to me in a new way, calling me to come and follow Him. I was scared. Weird things were happening all around me. People were falling. I wasn't used to that and I was scared of where God wanted me to follow Him to. But I knew that still small voice, and felt His peace accompanying His voice, so I followed, while laying on my back on the floor.

Jeremy and Connie kept singing and playing guitar. I loved the circus sound, but it reminded me that my Father had never taken me to the circus. He had never been around, he left when I was 5.

I kept laughing, like I'd never laughed before in my whole life.

Father God said “come,” so I looked and I saw a carousel with horses going around and up and down. It looked like so much fun, I didn't know Father God was fun!?

Then it happened- I saw a clown! It had a big red fake nose, a funny face, and big red floppy fake shoes on top of other shoes - the clown was funny! He started to make me laugh, and I kept laughing, like I'd never laughed before in my whole life. Then I realized other people were laughing too, and that I felt drunk! The more I laughed, the more the people around me started to laugh, it was contagious.

The pastors and Jeremy and Connie were all asking “More Lord, more Holy Spirit!” I just couldn't stop - it seemed like an hour or more that I was laughing, and it felt so good, because I'd experienced so much pain in my life and in my marriage. It was amazing to laugh and be have my broken heart healed.

Then I returned to where Father asked me to follow Him, and I asked Him who the clown was, and He said that the Clown was Him. I couldn't fit that into my limited theology. I had given my life to Jesus in 1980, and studied the Bible on my own until then, and I hadn't come across any clowns in the Bible, or from any preacher. I was scared again, wondering what had happened to me. I analyzed. I prayed and prayed, desperate not to be off in some La-La Land, but I was so hungry for God. But I felt peace, love and joy- it all seemed to fit. So I prayed one more prayer, “Father, if it was really you, who I followed, took my hand and showed me a clown, filled me with peace, love from a Father, and joy, show me a sign, a confirmation.”

I nervously opened my eyes.

At that moment, a little toddler boy walked right in front of me. He was wearing a hand knit sweater. It was white, with a clown knitted into the front of the sweater, with a red nose and red shoes. I closed my eyes again, smiling and knowing my Father God’s love for me, and that it was Him that showed me the circus. He loved me enough to take me to the circus! He knew my Dad wasn't there for me, and He wanted to heal my broken heart. If it was today, I'd have taken a photo of the little toddler with the clown sweater on my Blackberry, to show you- but we didn’t have Blackberrys then!

This was the beginning of many years of healing from my loving heavenly Father God.

18 years later, on January 20, 2012, after John Arnott’s 18th Anniversary message, my husband and I were having a great time being filled with the Holy Spirit in the fire tunnels. I was bending forward in the Spirit - up and down and up and down like those toy birds they had in the 70s. I was holding onto my husband's jean pocket with my finger, just to help pull me through the fire tunnels and not end up on my back in the middle of everyone. People that know me, know that this is a 'normal' manifestation for me, as I grow 'weak' in my knees, I feel weak in His wonderful loving Bridegroom presence and want bow before Him.

While the Holy Spirit is resting on me, I feel no pain, it's just like heaven.

However, what many people don't know is that on November 29, 2010, I was unable to walk from a back injury at work in the Oil Sands in Northern Alberta. My L4 & L5 vertebrae were fractured and I suffered damage to the SI joint & double sciatica, herniated discs, from heavy lifting and high climbing up to 200' outside in the elements.

I couldn't fly home and had to stay in an Edmonton hotel for 2 weeks until I could get back home to Ontario, where we hadn't been back to since January of that year. They put me on nerve blockers, opiates and even gave me an epidural. I hadn’t even had an epidural when I gave birth 3 times in natural childbirth. I was in the worst pain of my life.

I was unable to walk or sit for 3 1/2 months. Ice, heat, physiotherapy, anesthesiology, bone scans, MRIs - I went through it all. My sweet, loving husband of almost 11 years, dressed me daily for weeks, it was humbling, and all I could do was lie on my back and watch Catch The Fire TV.

I am so thankful for the way that He has restored and healed me this far.

So, when I say I had a lot of fun bending before the Lord, I mean I had fun! It was so great to bend and worship the Lord on Friday night and celebrate 18 years with Him, in no pain. There was no pain for the whole night. While the Holy Spirit is resting on me, I feel no pain, it's just like heaven.

Usually, within the last year, I worry about the pain I will have the next day, as usually I can't walk in the morning. I finished the opiates twice in 2011. Once in April 2011 and again in December 2011, as I had to re-start them in September 2011, due to more work from May to September in the Oil Sands. Since the injury, I've been restricted and couldn't do all the "ing's"; skiing, running, climbing, bicycling and bending. Bending, especially at the lower back, would give me extreme pain the next day.

On Saturday Jan 21, 2012, I had no pain in the morning! Thank you Father God! And today, I have much less pain. I am still waiting for my full healing, but I am so thankful for the way that He has restored and healed me this far.