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Last week, at the end of January 2012, the Catch The Fire School of Ministry graduated the class of Fall 2011. Over 70 excited students gathered together to celebrate the life-changing time they shared in the last 5 months. Over the last months, they journeyed into the heart of the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and their own hearts. Students were then able to share what they learned on 3-week outreaches all over the world. Here is a testimony shared at the graduation from Heather Laakso, a Heart Module student.

Testimony | Heather Laakso

The last five months at school of ministry have been amazing. I feel like I am the most transformed student, although perhaps we all feel that way. I am a very different person than I was when I came. God has changed so many things inside of me. 

I had all kinds of ungodly beliefs about who I am, and what I can and cannot do. I knew my weaknesses, my limitations. One of the most important things the school has shown me is that with God, there are no limitations. I had a big breakthrough with this during outreach. On our first Friday in England our team was asked to lead a worship/prayer night at the church. Afterwards, our team prayed and prophesied for people. I went to pray for one lady with nerve pain in her leg, and she was completely healed. Then I gave some prophetic words. The individuals were amazed by how relevant the words were, and were greatly encouraged. One individual in particular said it was exactly what he needed to hear. I was blown away. I stood outside in the churchyard at 1:30 in the morning just trying to absorb it all. There is nothing that is impossible with God. Even though I may feel weak and small, I have the Holy Spirit inside of me. And there are no limitations with Him. There is nothing we can’t do, with Him.

That Sunday I was asked to preach in Manchester, and the only thing I wanted to talk about was ungodly beliefs. I was honest about some of the ungodly beliefs I’ve had. One of my ungodly beliefs has been that people don’t care what I have to say; no one will listen to me anyway, so why bother saying anything at all. And as is often the case, I didn’t really realize I had this belief.

Just a few days before God had shown me something I never thought of before. For the first four years of my life, no one could understand me. I had hearing difficulties, and had to go to a speech therapist to learn English. I still remember how frustrating it was to try to communicate with others and not have them understand me. So it was always a sensitive spot in my heart, and as life experiences confirmed, or seemed to confirm this ungodly belief, it went deeper and deeper in my heart. And yet here I was, speaking to around 150 people, and they were listening. They did care what I had to say. At the end of our time, before we left for Toronto, the pastor’s wife came to give me a hug goodbye and said, “That’s who you are; don’t forget it!”.

I had a dream around two weeks ago that I feel summarizes what has been going on inside of me, and in all of the students, during the school. In the dream I was standing on a loading dock, and beside me was a large crane. The crane was lifting all these huge, heavy shipping crates. At the base of the crane were all these empty, little packing boxes, like the kind they ship fruit in. The packing boxes were blowing all over and I was busy scurrying around trying to pick them up. But it seemed an almost impossible task because the wind kept blowing them around. Yet, all along beside me the crane was lifting the really heavy crates I could never move by myself in a million years. 

When I woke up, I knew what the dream meant. God has moved some really heavy things in my life these last five months. And yes, there still may be some little things, little “packing boxes” that I can see blowing around, but God has moved the really heavy, “impossible” things.

God is just so good. That is my testimony really, and that is the testimony that everyone on the school has. God is just so good!


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