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Last week, at the end of January 2012, the Catch The Fire School of Ministry graduated the class of Fall 2011. Over 70 excited students gathered together to celebrate the life-changing time they shared in the last 5 months. Over the last months, they journeyed into the heart of the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and their own hearts. Students were then able to share what they learned on 3-week outreaches all over the world. Here is a testimony shared at the graduation from Mher Koubelian, a Heart Module student.

Testimony | Mher Koubelian

After spending the last 5 months at Catch The Fire’s School of Ministry, I guess the question that I'm asking is “Have I really caught the fire?” My journey here has been unexpected yet pleasant, overwhelming yet enjoyable, insightful yet crazy, incredible yet real.

So, have I caught the fire?

The school has taught me how to hear God’s voice alongside two-way journaling which transformed the way I communicate with God. When your Heavenly Father starts talking to you very casually using jokes, you know you have been through this school!

Have I caught the fire?

I have also learned that we love God only because He first loved us. What a groundbreaking truth this is. It has taken the pressure off my shoulders to strive to love Him and instead encouraged me to search for His unconditional love for me – a love that transforms the most hardened of hearts into jello. Yes, another symptom of going through this school is recognizing yourself as “Daddy’s little favorite” and seeing others in the same way while prophesying over them. I never expected that I'd look straight in the eyes of an old lady and say, “Hello, pumpkin!” - just one example of a term of endearment God made me say to a complete stranger!

Have I caught the fire?

Through many wise, insightful but often painful lessons, this school has helped me deal with most of my darkest, painful memories and past experiences. The last few months have brought me freedom and confidence that I had thought were impossible to attain. Freedom and confidence when dancing (especially when performing a liturgical dance and you’re the only guy in a group of girls), when singing (even when you’re trying to be Michael Bublé), when cooking for over 30 beautiful girls to honor them when you have zero experience as a cook, when worshipping corporately, when preaching and prophesying - the list goes on.

Have I caught the fire?

The school has also helped us apply what we’ve learned with many ministry opportunities. I feel like I have seen it all. From fire tunnels that have left a huge church looking like a refugee camp, everyone from the young to the old piled up on the floor, laughing their guts out - to people falling on the ground under the power of God after we students prayed for them and just stood there in disbelief. From a New Age Fair that we students participated in that actually brought innocent truth-seeking people to God almost effortlessly - to many healings that have taken place, healings from the physical to the psychological. My own stepmother was actually healed miraculously from a brain aneurism in September and regained her full memory within 3 weeks. I thank everyone who prayed for her. Although the same situation didn’t take place at the turn of the New Year when my uncle passed away from brain cancer, we have the assurance that he is in a better place.

Have I caught the fire?

I'll finish by saying that the greatest miracle is to wake up one day and realize the depth, the immensity, the height, and the extent of the Father’s love for us. To realize that His heart beats with ours, that His arms are always wide open no matter what, that His gaze is constantly fixed on us. I believe this truth has changed each one of us students forever. Of course, there will be challenges & hurdles to surmount – in fact, they will always be there – but the difference now rests in the truth that we have access to a well of unlimited living water, just like Jesus told the Samaritan Woman.

In conclusion, I’d say, “YES! I have caught the fire!” and would like to thank deeply all those involved at Catch The Fire School of Ministry in helping to bring this wonderful program a reality into our lives.


Catch The Fire's School of Ministry has two semester intakes, in Spring and Fall. For more information or to apply click here.

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