Heavy Rain 2012 | Testimonies


Young people from all over the world came to Heavy Rain in search of God’s love and to experience His presence.

Each speaker encouraged everyone to pursue greatness.

The atmosphere was electric on Thursday night as people began to enter the building and prepare their hearts to receive from God. As the lights dimmed and the bass began to pump through the crowd a sense of expectancy was almost palatable. The crowd roared at the finish of the Heavy Rain promotional video as Ben Jackson stepped onto the stage and took the Mic. “Welcome,” he said, “Welcome to Heavy Rain.” Heavy Rain 2012 had officially begun.

Steve Long, the Senior Pastor of Catch The Fire, opened the conference Thursday night with a compelling and open message about the greatness that God has put into each one of us. “If God is with us,” said Steve, “greatness is also with us.” This theme seemed to continue throughout the entire conference as each speaker encouraged everyone to pursue the greatness that comes from being created by God and to persevere in challenging times.

Friday was highlighted by messages from motivational speaker and documentary filmmaker Anthony McLean and the Catch The Fire Newmarket Young Adult’s Pastor Jon Schunker. Workshops on a variety of topics were held in the afternoon of both Friday and Saturday where young people could further explore the idea of being made for greatness and the call of God on their lives.

Saturday was an incredible day of teaching and ministry. Kris Vallotton, the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, delivered two amazing messages. His morning message about walking into wholeness perfectly complimented his evening session where he taught about moving our thinking from being a sinner and bound by sin to being a saint and free from sin. Both messages were given in wisdom, grace and humour that truly blessed everyone listening. During the ministry time following Kris’s message many young people had the opportunity to meet with God and experience his love and compassion for them. The lives changed by encountering God’s love make every hour of conference preparation worthwhile.

"I hardly knew what to think!"

During Steve Long’s healing workshop a number of people experienced physical healing. One man named Russell, a vendor for Compassion at the conference, experienced the joy and surprise of seeing someone he prayed for healed of ankle pain. He and two others began to pray for a woman whose ankles were sore and painful all the time. After praying together for the woman, she mentioned she could feel heat in her feet and they began to feel much better. Russell said, “It’s so new to me I hardly knew what to think!”

Another young man was in a snowboarding accident two years ago and twisted his collarbone. The doctors decided against an operation because it may only make the pain worse. All of a sudden the man headed for the stage and was being interviewed by the MC’s. He explained that his shoulder had been completely healed and that he could now even do pushups. He actually demonstrated a pushup on-stage and fully rotated his shoulder – something he could not do before being healed.

One young woman was scheduled for carpel tunnel surgery for her wrist the next week. After receiving prayer she felt the pain go away for the first time in a whole year. Another miracle happened when eardrum pain was called out from the stage. A girl named Jolene had constant ringing in her ear and joked with a friend that the word from the stage might be for her. She jokingly told her friend to stick his finger in her ear. They were amazed that when he did, the ringing immediately stopped! The Lord is so good and gracious. Even when we are not fully aware he is so willing to see us healed and made whole.

The Holy Spirit seemed to delight in the hunger of everyone attending the conference.

These are only a few of the many testimonies from a great weekend in God’s presence. The Jonathan David Helser Band, from North Carolina, helped to usher everyone into God’s presence on Friday and Saturday. The quality of music and their obvious love for the Lord resulted in an incredible time of worship and praise each time they began to play. Catch The Fire’s own worship team led by Jonathan Clarke and Marcel Preston created such refreshing times of worship and soaking in God’s love. Both bands were excellent and anointed during the entire conference.

The 2012 Heavy Rain Conference was truly one to remember. Over 1000 young people gathered to receive from God in a fresh new way. The Holy Spirit was honored and He seemed to delight in the hunger of everyone attending the conference. If you missed the chance to attend this year there is always next! Make sure to check out ctftoronto.com for more information about Heavy Rain 2013. Be blessed and enjoy everything the Lord has for you in 2012.


If you have any testimonies or stories of what God did at Heavy Rain 2012, comment below or send us an email!