Christmas Greeting from John Arnott | 2011


Hello friends,

Special Christmas greetings to all of you Revival Magazine readers! I hope that you have enjoyed 2011 and are looking forward with anticipation to the coming year.

This year has been a busy time for Carol and I. We have seen so many people impacted and changed by the love of God wherever we have travelled.

I just got back from an amazing trip to India with an international team where we started off by spending some time at a university in the south. Following that we travelled to the north of India where we held a leader’s school with a thousand pastors who are first generation Christians. The people we met were deeply touched. They are filled with the Father’s love, seeing many incredible miracles, and going for the anointing at every level.

Before that, Carol and I were ministering with a team in the Middle east where we held leader’s schools. It is incredible to see what God is going all around the world, especially with the Christians in the persecuted nations.

I hope you are looking forward to 2012! I believe that as we position ourselves for more of His presence in the coming year, we will see multiplication. I am excited to see the Holy Spirit moving and God’s love shared more all over the world over the coming months.

Bless you for this season.

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year,

John Arnott