Speaker's Chrismas Gift


Are you overwhelmed with too much Christmas planning? Are you stuck for what to buy for the ones you love? Do you want to find great gifts that will encourage people this Christmas? or did you only just remember that Christmas is days away and you’ve got a bunch of people to buy presents for?

Well, if you answer yes to any of those questions, this is the list for you! We’ve asked some of our favourite speakers what they’d recommend as Christmas gifts, or perhaps what they might want for Christmas themselves. Hopefully you’ll be inspired and get a little bit more into the Christmas mood.

John Arnott

John and his wife Carol are the founding pastors and presidents of Catch The Fire. He travels all over the world ministering the Father’s love.

Bluetooth Remote Control Ferrari Car

I love gadgets! This would make a great Christmas present, it's a remote control car that can be controlled by iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. I'm sure it would entertain anyone on Christmas day.

Dream Culture | Andy & Janine Mason

This amazing book is all about bringing dreams to life. It details simple steps to help you develop your dreams and make them a reality. 'Dream Culture' is a great resource to help you understand your dreams and help others launch into the dreams and hopes God has put in their lives. I think it would be incredible if everybody was able to support each other discover their purposes and live the life God has - can you imagine what it would be like!

Carol Arnott

Carol is co-founding pastor of Catch The Fire with her husband John. She is an international speaker and has seen millions of lives touched and changed through the power of God’s love.

Joel C. Rosenberg’s Fiction Books

Joel C. Rosenberg has written a few series of books, the latest is called the ‘Twelfth Imam Series’. If you like drama and suspense and books with thought provoking end-time scenarios that you can’t put down, these would make great gifts. Rosenberg is a Messianic believer and there are strong prophetic overtones to his writings. In one of his books, two top nuclear scientists in Iran are killed, and within a couple of days the news reports that another top nuclear scientist is dead and the second in command is in critical condition. Amazing!

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived | Steven K. Scott

This book is a must-read. It takes an in-depth look at the way Jesus lived his life, and the practical things that we can learn and apply to our lives. The insight that Scott has from modelling his life on Jesus is incredible, the book is packed with real life stories about how Jesus’ teachings have impacted him.

Sandra Long

Sandra pastors Catch The Fire Canada with her husband Steve. She loves people and is passionate and excited about God and what he does.

A Gift of Time

I was thinking about what I would want for Christmas, and I realised that the most valuable part of Christmas for me is time. I love the chance to spend time with family, playing games enjoying each other’s company. I often take my mother out to a Tea House where we have afternoon tea, which is a great chance to be together. We all become so busy that we can sometimes lose track of our families, so spending a little time hanging out with your friends and family is a great gift.

Steve Long

Steve and his wife Sandra are pastors of Catch The Fire Canada. Steve teaches all over the world, making the scriptures applicable to life and ministering healing in God’s presence.

Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well | Billy Graham

In his 30th book, Billy Graham shares his memories and experiences of life as he grows older. I'm actually getting this book as one of my gifts for my mother. She is a retired missionary and pastor’s wife and is finishing very well!

Pastors and Leaders Conference

The annual Pastors and Leaders conference at Catch The Fire Toronto will be January 17th-21st 2012. This time it will look a bit different, as we have four different streams of seminars running that will inspire people who are involved in all areas of church: Growing Your Church, Stewarding His Presence, Developing Effective Administration and Harnessing Media and Technology. I am sure that if you send your pastor or others that work for your church to this conference as a Christmas gift it will really bless, equip and encourage them.

Mike Pilavachi

Mike is the founder of Soul Survivor in the UK, a Christian summer festival that attracts thousands of young people from all backgrounds and denominations every year. He is also senior pastor of Soul Survivor church in Watford, England.

Pilavachi Sings Christmas

I decided to get into the Christmas spirit by recording my dulcet tones for all to hear and enjoy in this special season. The perfect gift for someone you hate.

Louie Giglio’s Passion DVD Series

This is a fantastic set of teaching that will inspire you about creation, the vastness of God, and our relationship to him. Louie is a great, passionate communicator who will engage anyone who watches these DVDs.

Peter Jackson

Peter and Heather Jackson founded the School of Ministry at Catch The Fire Toronto in 1995. They travel all over the world imparting the revelation of the father’s love at conferences and churches.

Grace: The Power to Change | Dr. James Richards

This book is incredibly inspiring, I love it! Dr. Richards explains the truth about grace that we can so easily miss. When we grasp God’s grace it changes our hearts and lives completely.

The Furious Longing of God | Brennan Manning

God’s love for us is intense and all-consuming. Manning’s book amazed me once again with the truth of our Father’s incredible love and passion for us.

Gerry Plunkett

Gerry and his wife Marcia pastor Catch The Fire Montreal. He is passionate about studying revival in the past and present.

Christian History: The Entire Collection of Christian History & Biography Magazine on CDROM

This is a a CD version of Christian History Magazine. I find that studying church history is so encouraging, and this is a great resource and inspiration to see the Lord's hand throughout history. There is also a full version available with text and photos/illustrations.

The Jewish Annotated New Testament | Amy-Jill Levine

This book has just been published a few months ago. Using the New Revised Standard Version, this New Testament is interesting in that the commentary comes from modern Jewish scholars who are not messianic. I find it really interesting to see their historical/cultural view of things in New Testament times.