Aid to Attawapiskat


Attawapiskat is a native Canadian village in the Hudson Bay area of Northern Ontario. It was recently discovered that many of the population of the area are living in very poor conditions, surviving in tents and uninsulated buildings through weather that can reach -50 degrees celcius. This was alerted in Canadian news because the government have poured thousands of dollars of financial aid into the area lately, but the people living in the reserves have not received it.

Bill Prankard of the Evangelistic Association is based in Ottawa. A branch of the Evangelistic Association is ‘True North Aid’ which is a non- profit organization providing support and humanitarian aid to underprivileged Northern Communities, founded by Rachael McIntyre. They have been working with villages in the North of Canada since 2009, including the Attawapiskat people. When the issue in Attawapiskat came to the forefront of the media, True North Aid were able to use this publicity to step up their efforts to help the people there more.

As part of the initiative, Bill Prankard and True North Aid decided to work with churches all over Canada to donate resources to help the people of Attawapiskat through Winter. They partnered with several churches in the Toronto area, including Catch The Fire.

We at Catch The Fire have been friends with Bill Prankard for a number of years, so Bill contacted us to see if we could be a depot for donations of items such as blankets, coats, clothes, sleeping bags and heaters from churches all over Toronto. Catch The Fire was also able to donate a large portion of materials to the cause. A True North Aid truck came to collect the donations on the 13th December. It was filled, with more donations left over, so another truck returned on 15th December to collect another half-truck full of donated materials.

All of the donated goods will be sent to Timmins, Ontario, where they will be sent by plane to Attawapiskat as the area is too remote to reach by road.

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