The Virgin Diaries


Nearly six months ago, four friends were inspired to take a risk. They decided to share their God-given tales of purity, redemption and daily revelations about singlenessin a blog, Confessions of a 29 Year Old Virgin.

God beautifully wove these four lives together with a common love for Jesus and upcoming thirtieth birthdays. The girls see that the gift of being ’30 and a virgin’ goes against cultural norms, but they also recognise the beauty of God’s grace in their lives in each of their stories. Through their blog, they aim to inspire a younger generation and cheer-lead peers to continue to journey through stories of redemption, God-given purity and true love. They'd have never guessed that their stories would reach an entirely different audience. While one member was serving in Uganda, three of the women were featured in the TLC pilot show, ‘The Virgin Diaries’.

Each of these women comes with a unique and intricate background.

Amy, a substitute teacher for middle and elementary schools describes herself: “I was born and raised in the Bible belt of BC, to very loving parents, who happened to be none other than pastors. Yup, I'm a pastor's kid, and I could tell you many stories about church life- the good, the bad, and the ugly.” She believes that “the church has been far too quiet about this issue of virginity, and I guess that inspires me to speak my mind on the beautiful and powerful gift we call 'sex'. After all, I believe sexuality was God's idea, designed and created by Him.” “I'm simply one of those dreamers who dreams of making a difference in the world by showing love to people- whether it's in my nation of Canada [or] faraway in parts of Africa.”

"Yes, I'm a virgin and no, I don't plan on being single forever."

Amy has just returned from a four-month stay in Uganda where she experienced firsthand the power of educating young women about their identity in God. She shared the joy of being in community with children who are orphaned and even the complexities that surround issues of abortion, fame and trans-cultural communication.

Lisa, a photographer and gifted administrator is challenging the current stigma of virginity stating, “I am 29; I have never had a boyfriend. I have shared one kiss in 29 years. Yes, I'm a virgin and no, I don't plan on being single forever. I plan on allowing this time in my life to be my story. I want to share what I've gone through and what I am feeling, my highest highs and my lowest lows. I want this to encourage and help anyone, even if it's one person going through a single time in their life. You can do it, it's possible, because I'm doing it, and I'm still alive.” Lisa has found her gifts in photorgaphy and administration especially useful with the current media attention the girls are getting. She feels blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends who inspire and encourage her to continue to dream and to continue to share her story. 

"The girls celebrate the gift of their stories and the power of God's love."

Danielle is a 30 year old registered nurse from a “mixed up family. [Hers] is a tale of copious moves, parental separation, foster homes, a safe house, shadows of sexual abuse and misuse, and eventually the glorious firm foundation of Christ discovered amidst a ‘hand-picked’ family.” Having been engaged before, Danielle now sees sharing her life as a single woman as “my greatest ‘suffering producing...hope’ (Romans 5:3). When I learn about the glory of a baby growing, when I see the beautiful collaboration parents make to keep their kids healthy, when I feel my heart leap at the sight of distant lands and look for eyes to share it with... it all makes me realize that trusting the One who fills every gap is tough.”

Tamara grew up in a small town in southern Ontario, and as the saying goes “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the girl.” That stands true to this day. She is the youngest of five: three older sisters, an older brother, and two loving parents. Tamara’s story is especially unique. She says, “through the eyes of the world and what a dictionary defines as 'virgin' I guess I fall short. That being said, I do not fall short of God’s definition of 'virgin' and this my friends is not a story of what was, but of what has become. This story, my story, is a story of redemption... Sex really is worth waiting for; it really is meant to be pure, holy, and good; it really is meant to be shared with someone who loves and cherishes you completely and unconditionally. And so, I am a 29 year old woman who is choosing to reclaim her virtue. I have decided that my identity lies in something more than the arms of a man. I recognize that I was created for intimacy and I believe in true love.”

These four women took a profound and brave step in sharing their lives with the world. Through the blog, the TV show, newspaper, radio and television interviews, they have celebrated the gift of their stories and the power of God's love.