Growing Up In Revival | Pastor's Kid Edition


I’d like to start this article off with a question. If God is everywhere, and knows everything and can do all things; then why we do we live our lives constantly fighting the idea that God is everywhere, knows everything and can do all things?

I’d also like to start by saying that I am a 3rd generation Pastor's Kid (PK), and contrary to popular belief not all PK’s are rebels, drug addicts and all-round messed up people. Many of us actually are 'normal'! But today it's not about me being a PK, it's about how living in Revival has changed me.

"Before Revival, church was a boring place."

Revival opened my eyes to the world, to miracles, to travel, but most importantly it opened my eyes to see how desperate millions of people are to really feel a touch from God. One thing is true: no matter where people are from, what they believe, and what they’ve been taught, they will spend any amount of money, and take any amount of time to get that touch from God. People will literally climb mountains, just for that one touch, that one experience of God, to feel the Holy Spirit.

When revival hit Toronto in 1994 I was amazed. Beforehand, church was a boring place. Wherever I went there was the same, cookie-cutter service. Now it was different. There were people laughing and screaming and rolling and doing all the things that as a child I would get in trouble for, and yet now this behavior was encouraged! How amazing! Church got fun! God got fun; my life changed. A real experience of God now seemed more attainable, all I had to do was ask. Holy Spirit became part of everyday life. When I say everyday, I mean it - we went to church almost every day! We would sit in the front row and watch all the different people from different places come up and tell the same story. They came looking for the God that they had read about in the Bible, and they found Him. They were touched and like me, many of their lives would never be the same.

As the years progressed, and the number of services I went to piled up. I can't lie and say I took full advantage of them. In fact, began to tune out. It’s sad to say that Holy Spirit at some points got a little boring for me. Another healing, another heart healed, yet another speaker sharing another revelation on the character of God. It seemed so common place. Once in a while, I would get to go to England or drive down to America somewhere and watch Dad and Mom do their thing. I would get to see God do His thing, and that was life.

"We can all lose perspective at one moment or another...we start to think we can give God a little break."

I think it changed for me when something clicked in my brain. The reality hit me - God is genuinely changing people's lives! He is taking a broken person, and giving them life! He is taking a sick person and healing them! This whole Revival isn’t a show. It isn’t a medium that will make church more exciting, nor is it a score sheet where we can compare how many healings God has done through us. Revival is simply about people’s lives being changed. It’s about His love for us, and Him knowing what we need even though we don’t know it yet.

God is everywhere. God knows everything. God can do all things. God is love!

Like myself, we can all lose perspective at one moment or another. We get far enough along in our journey with God that we start to think that we can give God a little break. We start to think we can coast, or that we can give God some of our helpful advice. We start to fight the very essence of who God is without even knowing it.

"Include Him!"

It doesn’t matter if you are a PK, and you’ve been a Christian all your life, or if you just got saved. When we let God be God, and us be us, life is just better. Let Him guide you. Let Him point you in the right direction. Include Him! Let God be God and simply trust Him and focus on Him.