Convergence: Heaven's Destiny Becoming Your Reality


God cares about prophecy. By His design, 40% of the scriptures are prophetic messages or stories of revelatory encounters. There are 300 Old Testament references alone to the Messiah and Jesus fits every one of them. First Corinthians 14:1 encourages us to desire spiritual gifts, especially to prophesy. Our Lord places a high value on the operation of this gift in our lives and desires for us to walk in the fulfillment of the words He gives us.

"We have free will to choose to enter the promised land"

Many biblical prophecies will be fulfilled because God said so – such as Jesus’ Second Coming (although we can hasten the day of His return). However, words spoken over individuals, cities, and nations are conditional — their fulfillment is based upon our response. Like the Israelites, we have a free will to choose to enter the Promised Land — or not.

Paul exhorted believers to ‘wage war’ for personal prophecies. How does one wage war for a prophetic word and journey from promise to fulfillment? That question burned in my heart as I sought the Lord about how to walk in the things He promised me through prophecies.

By His grace, the Lord took me on a journey of discovering keys to walking in fulfilled prophecy and destiny. Everything I have learned comes from being a daughter to my marvelous Father in Heaven. I also received many of these principles from being a spiritual daughter of John and Carol Arnott, and coming in the wake of the trail they have blazed.

First, it begins with intimacy. The love we are called to give God and others can only come from receiving it from the One who is Love. Hearing God’s voice is another key which is so crucial to growing in that love, personal passion and relationship with Jesus and for knowing the specifics of His direction for our lives. Jesus said that we will hear and His voice, and this will lead us to follow Him: “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.” (John 10:27).

Revelation of the Father's Love also awakens us to a realm of royalty as sons and daughters to a King of limitless power, kindness and compassion.

Jesus came that we may have life abundantly, which means living in wholeness and having our hearts healed. Healing of the heart has become a valued principle for me because it helps free us from the web of crippling pain, unforgiveness, generational curses, ungodly beliefs and demonic oppression. 

"Living a prophetic lifestyle awakens the gift of the Spirit we are called to particularly go after."

In First Corinthians we are told to pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, in particular prophecy. Living a prophetic lifestyle is an important key because it awakens the gift of the Spirit we are called to particularly go after. It says in Job 22 that when you declare something, it will be established for you. Therefore, prophetic decrees or declarations of life from a mind renewed by the Spirit enable us to shift the atmosphere around us.

Love for the Word is a vital key. A life of diligent study helps us build upon the rock of a sure foundation. His word will guide us and show us the way.

When the Holy Spirit comes on us, we receive power, so we can enter the Promised Land, not as grasshoppers, but in the power of the Spirit, overcoming any giants with authority in His name.

These principles all work towards a convergence where Heaven’s desire for our lives becomes our living reality. May we journey from the land of promises and prophecies into the Promised Land of fulfillment and destiny. It is indeed a joyous pilgrimage.

"Thus says the Lord God: ‘None of my words will be postponed any more, but the word which I speak will be done' ” (Ezekiel 12:28)


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All scripture in this article is from the New King James Version.