Niger Fulani Cow Project


Niger, the world's poorest nation, was devastated by drought in 2010. By the early part of this year virtually all the cattle belonging to the Fulani nomads in the country lost all their cattle. One chief that we know well lost 2000 head of cattle in just a few weeks. 

I have been regularly visiting the Niger and Nigeria area with missions teams for many years now, and have been able to build up relationship with people in these areas. In November 2010 we visited people who had never seen a white person or heard about Jesus. Every time we do these outreaches we see incredible signs, wonders and miracles, and many people giving their lives to the Lord. Over time I have had the privilege of getting to know many Fulani people, who have become the first generation in their people's history to believe in Jesus Christ.

Two years ago, one of our ministry leaders, a Fulani chief, told me of a tradition among the Fulani people that we both agreed was very special. When a Fulani looses his cattle, three of his close brothers or friends will loan him a cow each. When each of those cows has given birth to a calf, he returns the mother cows after weening to the original owners, but keeps the calves. In this way he is able to restore his herd with dignity and honor.

"Every cow we buy has an infinite number of offspring within it."

We are so excited to be able to do this very thing for our Fulani brothers in Niger, by setting up the 'Niger Fulani Cow Project'. In partnership with Terje Liverød, founder of World Outreach Mission, Catch The Fire are purchasing 21 cows in order to "loan" 7 Fulani chiefs 3 cows each. When each of these cows have given birth and weened a calf, they will return the cows to World Outreach Mission. World Outreach Mission will then divide the cows up between the Fulani church planters and missionaries so that their herds are also replenished. The chiefs will keep their 3 calves each and from there slowly, but surely, rebuild their herds, while retaining their dignity and honor. We have decided to include muslim chiefs among the 7 recipients. In this way we will be able to show the Fulani muslims that we love them, something that is unheard of in that religion.

Of course this is just a beginning. We want to keep going with this project because it has so much potential. Every cow that we buy has and infinite number of offspring within it. It is the power of multiplication that the Lord has designed. We can do the same with goats, sheep and chickens. The Fulani only keep cattle, but our missionaries can develop sustainable livelihoods with other livestock. 

At the end of November this year I will be joining Terje Liverød and World Outreach Mission on another trip to reach out to people in Niger and Nigeria. We will have another amazing opportunity to share the love of the Father with the Fulani people.

We are thankful to all of you who have already supported us financially through Catch The Fire World Changers. Each cow costs about $500 and many people are sending us $500. If you would like to purchase a cow for the Fulani Cow Project in Niger, then please make a check payable to Catch The Fire and specify on the check or in your letter that it is for the Fulani Cow Project, and send the check to your nearest Catch The Fire Office. Alternately, you call us at 1-866-500-0003.

We are truly going to show the Fulani people the love of the Father!