Standing on the Wall | The Call Detroit


"On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; 
All day and all night they will never keep silent. 
You who remind the LORD, take no rest for yourselves." (Isaiah 62:6 NASB)

For many in the Kingdom of God, the very word “intercessor” invokes visions of sleepness nights, extensive hours on one’s knees and relentless praying and contending.

I remember in the early years of my coming to know the Lord, a very highly discerning lady (camouflaging herself as a sweet, Godly conduit) placed in my hands, a copy of Rees Howell’s book, The Intercessor. At that time, I vehemently denied that I was even remotely associated to those people that spent so much time on their knees, while their dishes went unwashed, clothes piled up for days and lawns went uncut because of the greater calling that they needed to attended to. Can you imagine!

Over two decades later, we were approaching 11-11-11 and I felt a gentle tug in my spirit to join the mass of intercessors that were devoting 24 hours of prayer and fasting to the cause of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace in Detroit.

" These were powerful moments of God's spirit colliding with man on earth..."

Amidst many challenges, five of us braved the early morning hours to drive into Detroit and join in with TheCall, already in progress, in Ford stadium. When we arrived, the sound of high worship was already filling the stadium, reaching out to the front gates, stimulating the spiritual salivary glands. Eager to join in and start adding our fuel to this roaring fire, we hustled down the aisles and found seats in the second row. Several people were reading bibles, some were praying in little huddles, some were dancing, some sprawled out on their faces on the floor,and others were resting to recover from the night watch.

The team of leaders gathered on the stage to pray, prophesy and lead the crowd in some strategic prayers. Lou Engle, co-founder of TheCall who already has a raspy voice, was even more hoarse, but he persevered with calling out to God.

As the day progressed (very rapidly), Faytene Kryskow (4My Canada and The Cry) led us in a prayer and symbolic expression of digging new Godly wells in Detroit. Cindy Jacobs prophesied over the coming “Deborahs” and Barbara Yoder prophesied life over the city, calling forth the next generation to take their places in the new Detroit. These were powerful moments of God’s spirit colliding with man on the earth to resuscitate breath back into the city.

Although we were not present in the stadium the night before, some in our group had watched TheCall Detroit on the web, testifying of noteworthy, powerful moments that included repentance and forgiveness with First Nations leader Kenny Blacksmith as well as testimonies and prayer times against anti-Semitism. Gabrielle Bootsma, the daughter of our very own Pastors John and Patricia Bootsma (Lead pastors of Catch The Fire Airport Campus in Toronto), was also mentioned for her very directive dream. Approximately three years ago while at IHOPU, she shared a detailed dream with Lou Engle, that showed TheCall actually happening in Detroit. They felt that there was a definite prophetic element to that dream and took it into prayer for their strategic planning of TheCall gatherings.

"The unity of prayers that erupted spurred everyone on..."

As the day progressed and the topic of abortion was raised, it was mind-boggling to hear of the statistics of lives that were lost on the floors of abortion clinics and hospitals. The pain demonstrated by one woman who shared her abortion experience ripped at hearts and the barbaric accounts and post-abortion suffering awakened us to the reality of this modern day plague that is killing our children. The hush among the crowd was only infiltrated by the sound of weeping or sporadic deep sobs, either in sympathy for the woman sharing or empathy from others among us that were also reliving their abortion experiences.

A heart wrenching and hugely impacting moment was listening to several of the church leaders in Detroit humbly giving accounts of their mission fields among residents of a city that is being described as “dead”. The unity of prayers that erupted out of these leaders spurred everyone on to make declarations over every direction of the city, calling God’s spirit to fill the land.

As we left the stadium, not even the three protesters with their placards pleading causes for their religious laws could dampen or touch what we had witnessed in the presence of an awesome God. That day, the watchmen not just stood on the wall but they preserved it for the next generation to come! And God heard!

So if a nice lady in church walks up to you and offers you a book on intercession, either run in the opposite direction or wear the banner with honour and join the warriors on the wall!


TheCall gathers thousands of people to stadiums all over America to prayer, fasting, repentance and sacrificial worship. The latest event was in Detroit on the significant date of 11-11-11. To find out more, go to TheCall website.