The River is Rising


There is a river flowing from the throne of God.

This river brings life. This river brings healing (Rev. 22, Ezekiel 47). When Jesus spoke of the river of living water that can flow out of our heart, he was speaking of the Holy Spirit. We must be thirsty and drink in order for that river to flow. Ezekiel spoke of the water level of the river progressively rising in depth from ankle to knee to waist and then at such a level it was over his head.

We are living in unprecedented times with an acceleration of events leading up to the soon return of Jesus. It benefits us to recognize what the Spirit is saying so we can immerse ourselves in this supernatural river.

The revelation of the Father’s love and the outpouring of the Spirit through the ministry of John and Carol Arnott and the Toronto outpouring has completely revolutionized my life and the lives of countless others. It has been characterized by the revelation of God as a good, heavenly Father, eager to come into an intimate relationship with the children He loves. It has also been characterized by deep healing of our hearts, ridding us of hurts and emotional wounds, thereby setting us free to soar in destiny.

For eight years my husband and I lived and pastored in Stratford, Ontario. We cried out to the Lord in how to see a habitation of His glory in Stratford, and He answered by saying, “Worship and pray and decree I am Lord of this city.”

Then the Lord spoke again, this time in a tangible cloud of glory such that I could not help but be on my face in awe. He said, “The River and the Tabernacle of David are going to meet and cause a beautiful spontaneous combustion that will go all over the world.” Knowing the term but not comprehending what it was, I remember thinking:

“What is the Tabernacle of David?”

Hence began an in depth study of the Word and anything I could get my hands on about the Tabernacle of David. In essence David, in his exuberance for the Presence of God brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, pitched a tent over it and began 24/7 worship, intercession, prophetic singing, clapping, dancing, music, antiphonal singing, singing of the scriptures, thankfulness, rejoicing, lifting of the hands, shouting, psalms, seeking and ministering to the Lord.

In Amos 9:11,and repeated in Acts 15:15-17, the Lord said He would rebuild the Tabernacle of David in the last days so the rest of mankind may seek the Lord. The rebuilding of the spirit, values and principles of the Tabernacle of David is tied into the Second coming of Jesus.

Remaining in the river of the Father’s love, we then embraced the worship and prayer movement in Stratford launching a House of Prayer, worshipping and interceding (harp and bowl, Rev. 5:8) for the Father’s purposes on earth.

This led to marked transformation in the church and city. We began to see prodigals coming home to the Father, the Presence of God increased in our fellowship, drug houses and a seedy hotel burned to the ground. The mayor asked for the birth of an annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and churches began to grow numerically with greater unity as they began working together to see the Kingdom expanded in our midst.

As of September 2011 John and I have returned to Toronto to be the Lead Pastors of Catch the Fire Airport Campus and establish the Worship and Intercession House of Prayer in Toronto. Already we see the favor and smile of the Father on this venture with full teams of musicians, singers and intercessors worshipping and interceding.

The International House of Prayer in Kansas City exemplifies a modern day Tabernacle of David.

Under the leadership of Mike Bickle, in this highly anointed place, worship and intercession has been going on non-stop for over twelve years. It is obvious to see the emphasis there on the person of Jesus as the soon coming Bridegroom, King and Judge.

I believe the present move of the Spirit at IHOP in Kansas City since Nov. 11, 2009 is a partial fulfillment of the word the Lord spoke of the River and the Tabernacle of David coming together.

The ministry of Bill Johnson and the ministry occurring in Redding, California can be characterized by the power of the Holy Spirit. Signs and wonders, Kingdom now and ministry outside the walls of the church are common themes.

The Lord spoke to me about three years ago saying the three rivers of Toronto (Father), Kansas City (Son) and Redding (Holy Spirit) would converge. What I believe He spoke was that all three of these streams needed each other and their coming together would again mark a rising of the river flowing from the throne of God on the earth today.

What the Lord is doing on the earth is not confined to particular people or locations. However, when the leaders of these modern day moves of God (John and Carol Arnott, Mike and Diane Bickle and Bill and Beni Johnson) stood together in unity in Kansas City to say that they would covenant to bless and honor one another and bless the outpouring at IHOP, it was a sign from heaven.

Since that time, there have been numerous occasions of the converging of these three streams. There is a fullness of the Trinity coming in such a way to help usher us into the greatest move of the Spirit the world has ever seen which will lead to a great harvest of souls and the return of Jesus. It is characterized by the Word and the Spirit. What we have seen is but a d compared to the thunder of heavy rain that is coming (Job 37:2-6).

Jesus said to make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. We need to be rooted and grounded in the Father’s Love, embracing healing of the heart, flowing in the river. We need to pray and worship like never before, build houses of prayer and walk in the revelation of the soon return of Jesus as King, Bridegroom and Judge with hearts full of passion for Him. We need to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit, Kingdom now, and signs and wonders bringing many into salvation.

We need all three.

The river is rising. “And the Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.”