World Changer Quarterly | Fall


God has been ever so faithful doing amazing things in the last few months. In this newsletter, we will highlight a few of the inspiring testimonies we have recently come across and feature updates from recent mission trips and events. We hope you will be filled with encouragement and faith!

Thank you so much for supporting and partnering with Catch The Fire by being a World Changer. Your donations truly have made and continue to make a difference. Our mission trips and projects could not happen without your dedication through finances, prayer and support.

We are so grateful for the way that our World Changers regularly make significant impact all around the globe. We also love to hear stories from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

You are greatly appreciated!

Updates from the World Changers Office

Our Sept 20th Prayer Appreciation Night was incredible. Matteo Calisi, the Vatican Representative for the Laity on Reconciliation, ministered to us with great insight and authority. You can watch it on CatchTheFire.TV.

The next World Changers Prayer Appreciation Night will be on Monday January 16th from 7 - 9 pm EST.

Welcome to our newest World Changers:

John & Pauline A, Nicola T, Chiara P.

Sara M.

Roseline C, Nancy L, Imelda M, Wayne M, Priscilla T, Mary Lou M, Bob & Jude H,
Ted & Sue R, Virginia B, Gene G, Jamie D, Brian C, Todd F, Cathy & Gordon H,
Bruce & Evelyne M, Young Wha K, Susan C, Mary M, Dennis & Laurel M, Betty & Otto B,
Kathleen C, Wayne & Heather B, Ken k,Carolyn & Mark P, Leslie & Val H, Louie & Divina B,
Mary Audrey R, Bruno & Naomi I, Sam & Linda D, Joy H, Irma & Peter K, Elsie B, Czarina R,
Dianne S, Monique D, Beza M, Diane L,Cristina D, Sue T, Jing Z, Michael W, Ben K, Jan N.

United Kingdom
Michael B, Claire W, Hannah J, Greg G, Eucharia N, Susan P, Ruth D, Angela S, Stu & Chloe G

United States
Jim & Vivian A, Rudy S, Maria B, Tina N, Nancy A

Johanna H, Elva S.

Barbara R

Mission Reports

Philippines Mission Trip

Nicola Tancock - Spread The Fire Australia

A team of 15 people from Australia, including a number of World Changers, have departed for Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines to run an International Leaders School of Ministry for 250 Pastors & Leaders. Some of the team will spend a few extra days in Cebu City to work alongside a ministry that works with street children and some of the poorer communities. This school has been made possible thanks to our World Changer Partners and we look forward to many testimonies of changed lives from the Pastors & Leaders who attend the school.

Uraguay and Brazil Missions Trip

Tom Carter

The Brazil/Uruguay mission trip was, for me, life changing. I saw God use me in ways I thought not possible. I was stretched beyond recognition and at the same time blessed beyond my expectations. We saw many people’s hearts being healed with the message of the Father as well as physical healings and creative miracles! Bad legs healed, deaf ears opened, and lots of gold teeth. At one church both the pastor and his wife received gold teeth, the congregation was mucho excited! I am so thankful for the opportunity to go and minister to other nations, my life is forever changed by the experiences I had, the friends I made and the way I saw God work in mysterious and marvelous ways.

South Africa & Mozambique Mission Trip

Duncan Smith - Catch The Fire USA

We have had an incredible 2.5 week trip, firstly to Knysna, South Africa followed by Pemba and Maputo Mozambique with IRIS ministries. What a trip!!!

The highlight was the second bush outreach that we did some 2 - 3 hours into the bush. It was a Muslim village that has no church. Every villager was a Muslim, although there was an IRIS trainee pastor working in the village, still in his 1st year, with 18 converts that he was disciplining. Revival exploded on that trip - it was nothing short of incredible!

Then after they all accepted Jesus I asked if anyone needed healing or a miracle. So many put up their hands and I asked the teams to go for it. Meanwhile Heidi had been holding a 16 year old girls face and ears in her hands while I'd been preaching as she was nearly deaf, with pus coming our of her ears. Turns out she's the trainee pastor's daughter! She testified that she was healed (and still was the next day!)

It was just soooooo amazing! Thank you Jesus.

Revival Magazine -

In 2009 we published our last print edition of Spread The Fire Magazine. We were sad to see it pass, but the cost to produce and maintain the magazine was just too much for our budget to handle.

We have been waiting and praying on how we can re-kindle this love of ours to spread the news and stories of Revival to as many people as we can. The Lord spoke to us a few months ago and since then our team have been working hard to make Revival Magazine happen.

We are proud to announce that early this fall, we will be launching! This fun and interactive E-Magazine will include many of the articles from Spread The Fire Magazine, as well lots of fresh perspective from many of today's leaders in Revival. This will be a place to keep current on what is happening around the globe, as well as get news and updates from authors, worship leaders, and speakers. We are excited to include a testimony section, for everyone to share what God is doing in their lives, and for the body of Christ to be blessed by all of our stories.

Keep watching our Facebook Page and Twitter for updates, as well as some pre-released news and articles.

Catch The Wave

There is still time to book you place on Catch The Wave! We are honored to have Reinhard Bonnke, Heidi Baker, Chris McClarney, and Chris Dupre along side our Catch The Fire Leaders. For more information you can check out our Cruise website at

See you there!

Final Word From

John & Carol Arnott

What a big God we have! Carol and I are constantly inspired from hearing testimonies and seeing God move in lives all around the world. We have been incredibly blessed by being able to minister and meet with like-minded Christians who are passionately in love with Jesus from different denominations and backgrounds. God is moving in incredible ways at an accelerated pace unlike ever before.

A couple weeks ago, we were with our dear friends Bill and Beni Johnson in Redding, CA for a conference. The conference was ably named “Open Heavens,” and on the Friday night meeting during the fire tunnels, we witnessed a glory cloud of gold appear near the front of the auditorium. It manifested for about 45 minutes to what looked like a cloud of smoke or gold dust. Here’s the video.

Straight after the conference we went to spend the weekend with a Partners in Harvest church in Victoria, BC. Some of you would know Russell and Jo Smith who used to be on staff here in Toronto, but are now the senior pastors of Victoria Harvest Church. While I was preaching, Carol and Jo noticed a stag or male deer looking straight at them into the church through the glass windows and chain-like fence, majestically pacing the pathway alongside the church. This is quite unusual for deers to walk in such manner so confident and unwavering in its posture.

My beloved Carol, made the reference to Song of Songs 2:9 where my beloved is like a gazelle or young stag who stands behind the wall, gazing through the windows and peering through the lattice. This was happening while I was preaching on the soon coming of Jesus. For the past few years, the Lord has put it upon my heart to preach more and more on the soon coming of Jesus and the importance of getting ready like the 5 wise virgins in Matthew 25.

We recently hosted our friend, Dr Arne Elsen, from Hamburg Germany. He is a medical doctor by profession who has turned his practice into focusing on the Presence of God and worshipping Him every 10 minutes. As a result, he has seen approximately 10 people being saved a day and about 4 terminally ill cancer patients healed per week.

May I encourage you to really press in and take time each day to worship and praise God because the best days of the Church are ahead of us and we thank you for your continued prayers, donations and support in allowing us and the Catch the Fire team bring revival and the Kingdom to the World. I am currently writing this in the Middle East as tomorrow, we start 2 one-week international leaders schools of ministry to approximately 250 pastors and leaders in a very key region of the world, but more to come in the next newsletter.

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