Introducing Revival Magazine


We are very pleased to present the shiny, brand-new Revival Magazine!

Revival Magazine has been many months in the making, and we have been working hard to bring you this excellent resource, through which we hope to spread stories of revival all over the world.

In the last issue of Spread The Fire Magazine in 2009, John Arnott said:

"For fifteen years we have endeavored to bring revival news and updates to the hundreds of thousands that have been touched by the River of the Holy Spirit that has been flowing powerfully and faithfully from Toronto."

We are thrilled to start this venture back up again only two years later.

We hope that you will enjoy being able to go back and see a multitude of past Spread The Fire Magazine articles, full of fantastic material.

Also, we have a bunch of fresh content for you, including articles from world-famous speakers, great videos, and truly inspiring testimonies.

Our heart is that you would be blessed and encouraged to live a life walking in God’s love and giving it away because of what you find on the pages of Revival Magazine.

We would also really love to interact with you - You have the opportunity to comment on every article you read, and send in your writing to us.

And if you’d like an absolutely free quarterly e-newsletter with a digest of our best articles, please click here.

We look forward to having you around!