Review | Max on Life by Max Lucado


Max On Life is a fantastic book! Max Lucado shows me once again that not only is he a brilliant mind but he is even more so a loving pastor; who cares deeply for people to engage with and have a life transformed by Jesus.

My father, Steve long has the Max Lucado leadership study bible. So growing up he would teach me a lot about leadership and what it means to be a leader. I know that a lot of what he was telling me was from things that he has read from Max’s books; so I truly appreciate his life’s work and think that this book is a must read.

The premiss of, Max on Life is that he will answer questions that people have submitted over the years and how he responds to them. Usually taking a page or so to answer a specific question. The beauty of this is that he is very real. Just reading his answers you can tell that he himself so relies on Jesus that he continually turns back to what he did on the cross and God’s Love for us.

Max is never afraid to battle through hard and difficult questions. He is aware of his own mistakes in life and his own sin and tries to lead people away from moralistic living and toward a Christ centred living.

I would very much recommend this book to anyone who needs to be encouraged; and any of his other resources. You can visit his website at