Review | How to Read The Bible for All It's Worth by Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart


Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart have written a fantastic book! My brief description would be something like:

“Understanding the Bible is accessible, and it’s meant to be understood by anyone and everyone and this book gives you some very good insights into grasping the meaning of scripture and how we apply in to our modern-day.”

I have both read the paperback copy and listened to the audio book and have really been amazed at how Fee & Stuart are able to approach topics like Hermeneutics, Translation, and Covenant Law in an easy to understand way. When I first grabbed this book I wasn’t to sure about the strong emphasis around find a good translation and understanding why everyone needs to know how to interpret the bible even if they are new believers; but soon after reading they won me over!

This book if for anyone who is wanting to know more about the back round to the Bible. How to figure out what a passage means, and how the old and new covenant relate to each other.

I did however find that Fee & Stuart would push the TNIV translation over most others and found it a bit pushy at times. I am unsure if they were on the counsel for the TNIV but would not be surprised to find out that they were.

Over all I would say this is a must read for christians and is a great resources for wherever you are in your walk with Jesus.