Creative Miracle


Incredible and even creative miracles took place during the unforgettable missions trip to Kenya. 

“We were in Ekwanda parish, Western Province, Kenya, where we had medical and feeding programmes running. An old man approached with a walking stick and I started chatting to him. I looked at his eyes and realised they were completely shut, looking like they were stitched together. They were solid and stuck. He said his left eye went blind when he was a little boy where suffered from measles so he had to have the eye removed. His right eye had to be taken out due to a farming accident when a stick flicked up and hit him in the eye.

His name was Gideon, and when I looked at him, I was overwhelmed with the Father’s love and started to weep. We started to sing over him and he was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. We forced his eye lids open and they were empty sockets, dry and dull.

Then the Holy Spirit said spit on his eye lids – so I did. As I did that His eyes started to fill with tears which has not happened for years because he had no tear glands. We continued to sing and declare Jesus is our healer. I said “Father God is your creator and is releasing new eyes from heaven for you now so just receive them.”

We opened the sockets and they had become moist and tears started welling up even more. There was a white ball the size of my finger nail starting to grow in the right eye and the same in the left. The socket started to have a fresh flow of blood and life started to come as the inside changed from dull brown to red.

As we opened his eye lids (which had no muscle anymore) Gideon started to flinch! His eye sockets, with the new balls slowly growing, started to react to light! We asked him what was happening and he said ” I can see shapes and I can see light.” We then said the CTF team would soak him for the day and to rest under the shade.

On his way to the bench he suddenly said ” I can walk!!! I have no pain anymore in my joints!” So not only did Gideon start to have new eyes but Jesus also healed His body!!! We have called the parish and found out Gideon has started to open and close his eyes himself as the muscles in the eyelids have started to function again and the definition is increasing in his eyeballs as they continue to grow and develop. He is seeing more shapes and more light and we are sending Penny and Derek to go check on him. What an awesome testimony! I have never been filled with compassion as much as when I set eyes on Gideon and the overflow of Daddy’s love was intense!”