Blind Eyes in Montreal


Just returned last night from a great weekend in Montreal. There were 11 SOM students from our Norway team practicing for their outreach. Also along with me where my 3 incredible interns, Aaron, Andrea and Grace and Rob, Carol and Ken from our prayer ministry team.

I was one of the speakers at their Climbing Mountains conference which also had Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow from Atlanta. We had a great time with wonderful worship, lots of drinking (and eating Poutine) and insightful teaching.

The highlite for me was the Friday afternoon at a session I was leading. We decided to do some healing before the talk and lots of folks testified that they were healed of various things related to pain. Then we invited folks forward who had other sicknesses or problems not related to pain.

One lady came forward with a completely blind eye and the other one very weak. We began to minister, we had the interns help as well as a couple folks from the congregation. At the first check she saw a bit of light. At the second check she saw motion. At the third check she saw colours. Well folks are into this about now!

I had the gals soak her while I did my teaching and then at the end of the meeting pastor Gerry Plunkett (from Catch the Fire Montreal) interviewed her. She said that she had regained all of the sight in this eye other than one black vertical bar that was cutting her eyesight in half.

So if you’d like to see this on video, click here!

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