New Pastoral Staff in Toronto


Special Announcement from Catch The Fire on Vimeo.

Folks, on behalf of John and Carol Arnott, our Founding Pastors, and Bryan Stephenson, our Executive Director, Sandra and I are pleased to announce two new staff appointments.

First, Jonathan Clarke, from Bath, England, has accepted our offer for him to become our Worship Pastor. Jonathan will be joining us late August and will take over from Chris Dupre who has served us this past year. Jonathan is a former School of Ministry student, then a small group leader. While he was with us he exemplified Jesus exceptionally well.

He is finishing a music degree in a couple of months and comes to us from Bath City Church where he has been serving as one of their worship leaders. When Chris suggested his name to Sandra and I, we immediately said yes. Our spirit’s told us that he was the right person for this expanding role. Jonathan will be taking responsibility to oversee the worship leaders, musicians, and singers from all of our campuses.

Second, we are very excited to announce that John and Patricia Bootsma will be rejoining our pastoral team. John will focus his time as lead pastor for the Airport campus having Sam and Linda Dumcum as his associates. Patricia will focus on leading our House of Prayer and expanding it’s influence in our church. She will be working with our Worship Pastor, our prophetic team and with our Intercessors to facilitate corporate worship to the Lord similar to that at IHOP in Kansas City.

John and Patricia began in full time ministry at our church and are sons and daughters of the house. Seven years ago they left for Stratford, ON to pastor Jubilee Christian Fellowship. Last year we began discussions with John and Carol, Duncan and Kate Smith, regarding some of the areas in our Toronto church that needed improving. The Bootsma’s names were brought up and discussed. In December John and Carol had a discussion with the Bootsma’s and found out that they were at crossroads and were feeling a change was needed. They both were very open to returning to Catch the Fire Toronto.

Sandra and I had face to face meetings in January and February with them to begin to talk through the process. Sandra and I were looking a clear word from the Lord to say proceed. After one of the pastors cell groups in February when the pastors were looking at budget issues, I personally heard one of those “inner audible voices” say “invest in the anointing”. I took this to mean invite the Bootsma’s to return. Last week they accepted our offer. They will be joining us in September after taking the summer to find a new home, schools for their children, etc.

We are very excited to have Jonathan, John and Patricia join our team! Sandra and I feel that their skills, giftings, anointings, etc. will greatly add to the already dynamic team that we now have. We believe that they will be accelerators in the growth and quality of our ministry, Most of all, we feel that they will help us all to know Father God deeper, to love Jesus more and to experience the presence of God more fully!

Steve and Sandra Long