Testimonies from Melbourne, Australia


God brings freedom to an orphan spirit and restores identity to what was once a barricaded heart.

“Until I had gone through the ILSOM I did not realise just what an orphan I was. I have only just returned to ministry after being out of church fellowship for about three years, burnt out and wondering what was wrong with me or whether God had favourites. To be honest, I felt a little ambushed by the inner healing stuff that I thought was for the weak whilst if I kept pressing in He would heal me through some sort of supernatural intervention. How arrogant and isolated an orphan can be?

When I asked The Lord what game He wanted to play with me, He told me hopscotch. Interesting because in England when I was growing up this was considered a girls game. Why did He want me to play it, because He wanted me to do things I had never done before. My theology was being challenged – and an orphan ‘s theology has to be right! Anyway, I asked The Lord and He said that I should test it by the fruits in my life – that’s simple I thought – typical Father cutting through all the junk when you simply ask the question!

Thank you for your courage in giving your personal testimony and a safe environment to finally face and deal with some issues of my own that had allowed the enemy an entrance and were robbing me of my joy. I feel so completely clean and free to be a son for perhaps the first time in many, many years. I know it’s a continual process but I have the tools now and I know that soaking in His presence is what I really want. I may be 60, but I feel my real ministry has only just begun!”

 “Anna and I really loved our week at ILSOM in Melbourne. We feel so blessed to have received the teaching and ministry. I will never be the same again (I mean that in a positive way). Since returning home I have read one of Jack Frost’s books and have now started on the second. I am regularly led to tears as I contemplate the message. 

My relationship with the Lord has a new freshness and an elevated expectancy. He is leading me down new paths and I am really enjoying it. I am much more motivated in life and in general. We really appreciate the effort that everyone put in to make the week so fruitful. It was well organised.”

 “I liked the freedom and the space to work through heart issues, it was an invaluable time for me as a Christian leader.“

”I love the fact that it is honest. The speakers were honest about their experiences, thoughts (even bad ones), issues etc. There was an incredible sense of acceptance, and no one was judging anyone. We could just be free. I loved listening and being reminded of God’s love for us as our Father. It touched me incredibly.”

 “It was done in a relaxed way, with flexibility as to time etc. The content was great, speakers clear, and it lifted my depression.”

 “I liked all of the week!!!! I loved the freedom there was to be yourself- and how encouraging it was. It was amazing seeing how the week builds layer upon layer and how you could see the freedom coming in people as the week went on. It was so good to connect with people and it was so organised. Most of all, I loved seeing people get revelation of God’s heart and see them set free. The worship team were so good in bringing people straight into worshipping Jesus.”

 “In a nutshell – It was LIFE CHANGING.”

 “It changed my life. It completely changed my view on the father. I now want to tell all Christians about what they can have if they pursue Him. True Freedom. For years I’ve been wondering how do I get to the place where I can have what the Bible tells me I should have. Healing the sick, raising the dead, and Prophesying. I finally have the tools. I just need to practice and get over myself and get on to God. If that makes sense. “

 “I have/had been struggling with heavy depression for months prior to the school, and periodically throughout my life, it lifted half way through the week. I am now beginning to understand and relate to Father God. Thanks so much.”

 “Well I believe I finally am starting to know the Father and am no longerafraid of Him. I think I went from the prodigal son to the son that worked at home for the Father (because of the condemnation teaching background I had). I am spending time meditating on the Fathers welcome home hug. A powerful breakthrough for me, as out of the Love of the Father, I can see fuller and I am more peaceful and joyful. I thought I had forgiven people but had a real breaking of judgment actions, that were probably habits from judgments that was affecting my relationships. My wife is a princess again and I’ll have to keep it that way. I purchased a book on rejection by John Paul Jackson, well the Holy Spirit helped me, just a really overcoming, enabling book, to see what has been happening in my life and now I seeeeeeeeee clearer. I am no longer rejected but a loved son and out of this I can minister and love with greater effect.”

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