Missions Trip to South Africa and Mozambique


39 people from 9 nations joined our team in October. Most arrived in Jo’burg, South Africa and headed off for a 3 day safari. A nice way to rest and see Africa. Everyone on the first day say the big 5 (elephants, lions, leopards, water buffalo and rhino’s – I think that’s them).

Others on the team such as Sandra and I arrive on the Tuesday as the group where coming back from safari. We had a Holy Spirit meeting at a great church were our team got to practise being the prayer team. We visited a day care centre that cares for the children of refugees. Again, practise for being at the Iris base in Pemba, Mozambique.

Most of us where on the same plane to Pemba and we arrived late Saturday afternoon. The base was far more advanced that I had thought. A school is on the west side of the base and about 800 children are in school. There is also a feeding program at the school. There are just under 200 orphans living on site in three dorms (girls, boys and under 5′s). There are dorms for the pastors bible school, which has 5 levels. There are dorms for the Harvest School, a 10 week intensive training for what Iris does and who they are. And, there are dorms for about 90 guests which is where our team stayed.

We had the choice each day of eating with the children (bread and tea for breakfast, beans and rice for lunch and dinner) or we could cook for ourselves or eat at one of the local hotels, restaurants, etc. Most of us had beans and rice!

Each day there were a variety of opportunities to serve and minister. Our team served food, helped at the medical centre, went to prisons, sat with widows, played with children, refereed football matches (soccer), taught in the Bible School, etc.

My primary role for the week was to teach at the Harvest and Bible schools. I averaged 2-3 talks per day and loved it. I was asked to speak on the Father’s love for the Harvest School and in the Bible school I talked about how the anointing works and how to love your wife. A concept that they don’t actively follow!

My highlite was Wednesday night when we had a meal and meeting with 40 missionaries that work with Rolland and Heidi Baker on this Pemba base. We had a curry meal catered, worship, a word from the Bakers and finished with fire tunnels. Off the scale!!!

We left on the following Saturday, flew to Jo’burg and from there our team scattered back to their various nations. Watch the missions page for a video coming soon that shows some of the faces of those on our team and those whom we ministered to.

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