A Catch The Fire Testimony


God's perfect love heals and removes what once hindered freedom. 

My name is Mindy, and my home church is Harbor Lights Fellowship on Grand Island, New York. Many members, including myself, frequently attend Catch the Fire services on Fridays, and also when there are conferences. I believe it was last April or May there was the Unveiling Conference. I went for the entire week with some friends from my church. On the Friday night service, there was an alter call for people with brain problems, and I went up because of a pituitary tumor I’d had for some years. I was on nine medications for it and other problems that it was causing in my body, including hypothyroidism and poly-cystic ovary syndrome. It caused mental health issues for me as well, such as hallucinations, problems with memory, and sleep disorders. I was told I was going to be on medications for the rest of my life. As the man prayed for me, the back of my neck grew white hot, but not in a way that was painful (for the rest of the night, it was still hot, and people were coming up to me and asking if they could feel my neck. It was giving off an intense heat). After I was prayed for, the man told me to not just stop taking my medications and I told him I knew better, but he asked me to let him know what happened, and the next day I went home. The following week I began to have strange symptoms that I had never experienced before. After seven days of increasingly odd problems, I ended up in the emergency room because of disorientation and a severe headache. The doctor saw my history with the tumor and they decided to do a CT scan of my brain to see if it had worsened. Actually, the scan was clean, and there were no traces whatsoever of the tumor.

After a night in the hospital, I had missed two doses of my medications and I had regained my coherency, so I went home. I was told by a friend, who is an RN and was also with me at the Awakening conference, that my symptoms seemed to her like overdose symptoms from the medications I was taking. I called my endocrinologist the next day and made an appointment after telling her what was going on. They got me in as soon as they could, which was about a week later. I requested permission to not take my medications, because I seemed to get sick when I did, and I was told that it wouldn’t hurt to do so for a few days. While I was not taking them, I felt better; physically and mentally. My memory improved, and my appetite evened out. My sleep was better and I was able to stay awake during the day. Physically, I just felt better. I had more energy and couple move more without becoming exhausted. I got blood work done and then went in to see my doctor. She was looking at my blood results and commented that we should lower some of my dosages a bit. I told her that I hadn’t taken my pills in about a week. The levels she was seeing that needed to be lowered were from the last of the doses working their way out of my blood system. She was confused, because my levels, other than what she had commented on, were absolutely normal. She saw my CT scan results and that the tumor was gone, and she asked me to get a sonogram to check on the poly-cystic ovary syndrome and to come back in three months to get another blood level check, just to maintain that I was really fine without the medication. My sonogram was normal. My blood tests have all been normal. My brain scans are still normal. I have not taken any medications since May, and my last blood test was just this past week. I am convinced that I am healed, but my doctors are confounded and are trying to find an explanation for the sudden disappearance of my ailments. I know the explanation is God, and I am more than happy to tell people that He is the one who healed me.

- Mindy -