Testimony from the Scotland CLAN Gathering


God heals what was once recurring pain due to a raod traffic accident and instantly brings restoration. 

This was my second year attending C.L.A.N. Conference, (Christians Linked Across the Nation), and I loved it! I was filming the conference again in the main tent and had a great view to see all the action. On one of the evening sessions John and Carol Arnott were teaching when John stopped and said that he believed that the LORD wanted to heal people in the room.

John said that he felt the LORD had brought to mind people who had suffered from road traffic accidents who where in pain. My heart skipped a beat! Thirty years ago I was involved in a motorbike accident that left me hospitalized for months and in pain every day since. I thought, “Oh that could be me!” So I did what I was told and stretched out my hand to heaven in faith whilst still trying to focus and film.

As I started to reach up I felt what can only be described as a “pulse” race through my body from my feet upwards and out of my head. I was so astonished that I let out a yelp! (It has to be said at this point that I’m normally the one who says things like, “Oh I
won’t be falling over or making a fool of myself!”) Well, I didn’t fall over but my obvious surprise caught the attention of John and he called me up to the front. I just shrugged my shoulders, but before I could object someone came to me and said he’d done camera work before, so without any reason to object I turned to leave the podium I was filming from.

As I did so it suddenly dawned on me that the pain that had limited my body for thirty years had gone … in an instant I was pain free! A sudden rush of elation filled me and I raced to the front like a child, giddy with joy! I couldn’t wait to tell everyone in
the room about it!

I waited my turn as person after person gave testimony of what God had done in their life and as my turn came I found myself grinning like a cheshire cat and burbling about how “fantastic” it was, losing all airs, graces and articulation it seemed but I didn’t care! God had healed me, he’d touched my life in a profoundly physical way and I just didn’t have a care in the world! Oh, and as I went to leave Carol gently touched me on the head and I shot back to the ground. Laying there I just enjoyed God’s company
for a while.

- Michael, UK -