Mission to Brazil


Testimonies of ministering pastors and leaders in the heart of South American poverty. 


Hosted by M-12 Church in Carapicuiba, (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Indigenous people first inhabited the city Carapicuiba until the European settlers started to take advantage of the indigenous people as a workforce. It eventually became a part of Sao Paulo that the Jesuit missionaries Manuel da Nobrega and Jose de Anchieta founded.

Carapicuiba, the city council man and bishop, Abraham da Costa that pastures the church that hosted the ILSOM informed us that his Church is nestled among 147 Favelas (Brazilian Slum areas – typically cardboard shanty houses -http://www.ucl.ac.uk/dpu-projects/Global_Report/cities/saopaulo.htm).

So we had the amazing privilege of ministering to pastors and leaders in the heart of South American poverty.

Our teams of 15 were treated royally. We certainly never felt the effects of poverty. We were taken care of in every respect. I must comment the church was extremely hospitable. The hospitality was way beyond anything that we would have previously imagined. The church building was extremely clean; volunteers on the hours were cleaning it. We noticed the volunteers, meant the whole church, every member! They cleaned, were on the worship, team, greeted people, etc., etc.

The hosting church was amazing! Very well organized and extremely efficient! Naomi and I were touched and challenged by their servant heart.

In regards, to the ILSOM, the school I would say was a great success. We had pastors (mostly – 90%), come from other South American nations such as Uruguay (interesting enough Brazil seems to be a neighbor to most south American nations).

Our school’s format was slightly modified. Our meetings started in the mornings and evenings. The afternoons were free to rest. The morning sessions were open only to folks that were registered and would graduate providing they attended each session. The evenings continued with the school format, however, were opened to pastors and leaders that could not take the week off. The folks that attended only the evenings were not eligible to graduate and receive an ILSOM certificate at the graduation celebration night. Approx. 200 pastors and Leaders graduated.

The registration fee was $100 Real (approx. $50 CAN) this included all meals. The costs of all of expenses were all covered and a $600 (Real Brazilian Currency) profit was made and remained in the church. The celebration night just over $1300 Real was taken as an offering for Catch the Fire Ministries. Catch The Fire World has decided that this offering will be used in this year’s IlSOM Mission to Mozambique, Africa.

The Church, which hosted us, was able to provide all meals at the church were the ILSOM took place giving school a real community feel and facilitating much ministry and relationship. Food all always helps when it comes to relational part. The meals were typical Brazilian food (meat!!) and a few special extras, mango heavenJ!!

My wife and I really felt this was our best Mission/ILSOM oversees trip we have ever been on. I have been on Brazil mission trips at least 10 times and by far this was the most rewarding. My reason for this is partly to do with how the team of 15 of us felt and were treated. A large part for me as a pastor was the impact it had pastors lives and the way they received our core values. Brazil is a revival hotspot. 200 churches are planted every single day and Brazilian Christians are passionate and on fire for taking their nation.

Every ILSOM teaching was very well received. I was extremely impressed on how the Father and Mother heart of God was received. A nation that you would think is pressured by performing and striving to earn God’s love embraced soaking like I never seen before. I think a larger part of that had to do with how many from Toronto including our own School of Ministry (SOM) in Sparange have poured into this nation for years. It appears that two streams have poured into this nation for years. One being our ministry, Catch The Fire including Heidi Baker and also a healing stream with Randy Clark.

I must say the miracles that were witnessed were very life changing not only for the one receiving the miracles but also for us who were used instrumentally in seeing the miracles taking place. Our faith has increased and a hunger for the anointing has been planted in our hearts. We also witnessed a large harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom during the crusade meetings.

The following are some of the testimonies from our team members and also attached are pictures of the school. Also an eight minute video clip link of the school may be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir7eHmiDH_Q

I also want to conclude by saying that because of this school we received invitation to do ILSOM’s in many nations in South America, including Venezuela, Uruguay and every state (22 in total) in Brazil on a three-month cycle (blanketing the nation in less than 6yrs.). One of the invitations for next year includes the President of the Foursquare demonization in the State of Santa Catarina, where he would like to have 1500 pastors invited (basically all the pastors that he gives oversight).


I was touched by the hunger of the people for the things of the Father during the school and missions. They were so expectant and Father met them and met me too. I am learning to go with the flow and trust my Father, regardless.

In Sao Paulo, I was doing just that as I began ministering the way I felt the Lord was prompting me to. The results superseded my expectations and totally floored me. For instance, I prayed for a child of 3 or 4 years whose leg had been crushed by a car two months prior. I didn’t know all the spiritual roots behind accidents but I began rebuking whatever came to mind. To my amazement and that of his mother, the child jumped from his mother’s lap and began running despite the cast. Needless to say the mom was crying for joy.

On another occasion, I felt to call up people for healing of three specific diseases: fibromyalgia, sciatica and high cholesterol. I didn’t know all the spiritual roots behind these diseases but trusted the Father and went with the flow. I was later told that many were healed. There were many more healings and first time commitments. How can this not change a person? It has definitely changed me. Every trip gets better and better.


What impacted me most on this trip to Brazil was the desperation of the people for a touch of God and their ability to express that hunger in devoted worship and the willingness to go all the way out for God.

God has been changing my heart and my ability to receive from him on this trip in such a way that I feel like the hunger of the Brazilian people has rubbed off on me.

The other big impact I received was seeing the love and the servant hearts of many people, compelling me to search my own heart in regards to the where my priorities are and where I need to receive more love from the Father to give it out more generously.

While I was in Brazil I was given opportunity to speak and share my heart in different churches and I was taken back by how God was using me to touch people’s lives with his love.

During a salvation call a woman suddenly started to manifest a demon and I began praying for her. Because of the language barrier, I hardly understood what was happening with her, and she could not understand my English prayer. But I prayed nevertheless, speaking to her, to hold on to the hand of Jesus and to let Jesus pull her out of the darkness. Later on she told me, that she had had a vision of a man clothed in white, stretching out his hand to her. She had grabbed the hand and he had pulled her back into the light. She was dancing and singing Hallelujah for the rest of the night. It was so beautiful.

I have seen so many healings, salvations, deliverance and people being filled with the Holy Spirit and the love of God – I am blown away by the power of God and have fallen more in love with this God who cares so much about you and me.

TestimoniesJon Long