Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Name Change


These past few years have been a time of great acceleration here at Catch The Fire! As you may know, this ministry started as a means to facilitate some of the soaking schools and events that we were holding here in Toronto, and also as an outlet for missions around the world. For several years, we've been carrying out this vision to equip people with the tools to facilitate revival in their churches and communities. Recently, God has given us another vision to plant churches internationally that carry the same heart for revival that we've experienced here in Toronto, and He has prospered our efforts as we've stepped out in this area. In the past 2 years, we've planted churches in Raleigh, North Carolina; London, England; Oslo, Norway; Reykjavik, Iceland and Montreal, Canada. These churches are burning with revival, chasing after God, and full of people encountering the love of their Heavenly Father. It is amazing to see God move on such an international scale, and we're constantly amazed at how he chooses to partner with us in this work.

In conjunction with this new vision that God has given us, we have some exciting news to share with you! We're changing the name of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship to Catch The Fire Toronto! The churches we've been planting internationally have all carried the name Catch The Fire, and we feel that God is calling us to be unified with them in this respect. Also, we've come to realize that the name Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship is starting to limit us as a local church. We have planted 11 campuses in the Toronto area, and God is continuing to grow our local church. However, some of the campuses we are planting have spread outside the city of Toronto. As a local church, we want to have a name that leaves room for growth; room for us to dream bigger with God. For a while, we will be using both names interchangeably to avoid confusion, but eventually we will completely switch to our new name. We are very excited for this next step of changing our name, and we know God is going to bless Catch The Fire Toronto abundantly!

NewsBenjamin Jackson