Thoughts on Kansas City


Sandra and I led a team of 21 to Kansas City the first week of January…

Most of us arrived on a Wednesday and left on the Saturday or Sunday. A few of the team stayed for 10 days. We wanted to take advantage of participating in the 24/7 House of Prayer and the evening student awakening meetings.

Sandra and I really enjoyed the House of Prayer. After 10 years of continuous worship and intercession, the presence of God is obvious. The worship teams have 2 hour sets and every second set focuses on singing, praying and prophecying into the Word of God. The worship teams are excellent musicians as well as flowing in the spontaneous songs. Very impressed.

The revival meetings run from 6 pm to midnight beginning on Wednesdays. Two men who are involved in leading their school; Wes and Allan, lead the meetings. The format is worship, invite the Holy Spirit, minister, testimonies, short word of exhortation. This is repeated all through the evening.

Because the revival began with students they focus on ministry issues effecting that age group more than our meetings would. For example their were calls for cutting, suicide, and eating disorders most nights. The testimonies of students being touched during the outpouring were remarkable.

God TV are a part of the meetings so that has added another dimension where they now are getting stories from those watching. They are also starting to get more out of town visitors such as ourselves and the leadership are recognizing that they may need to adjust some aspects of how they administrate the revival.

There was an excitement and zeal that Sandra and I remember from our first few months of participating in the Toronto revival. It was great to be there and bless what God is doing! Our loved the experience and the hang out time that we had together. Always fun to have a road trip.

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