Guard your Hunger


We just got back from Brazil and it was AWESOME! We saw so many healings, miracles and salvations.

I personally saw 4 deaf ears healed, bad backs healed, people getting delivered from demons (2 really cool power encounters – one involved a guy writhing like a snake and one involved a lady doing weird contortions….and both times demons left and they were filled with peace and life!) and people getting impacted with the Love of God. I saw grown men weeping and weeping as God’s love went into their hearts – some of them experiencing His love for the first time in their lives!

I was also blown away by the hunger that I saw for God and for His Presence (granted, we did do a conference and large meetings and people generally come with higher expectations and hunger for these ‘special’ events and ‘special’ meetings – I am aware of this). However, on a whole there was a lot more hunger that I saw in Brazil on a day-to-day basis than I have seen in North America.

I realized it is because in North America we have so much. We have so many options when it comes to our time. We can go to the movies, to concerts, clubs, spend time with friends, watch tv, play video games, surf the ‘net, clean our homes and do all these things which in and of themselves are not bad, but which can quickly serve to distract us from God.

What we desire we become. What we truly desire is what we will become. That is why Jesus said in Matthew 5 that where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Our treasure is what we desire. We need to guard our hunger and desire for God, because if we do not we will become apathetic. The way we guard our hunger is to put it into practice through the continual pursuit of His Presence. If we do not, we will lose our Hunger. Whatever we do not use, we will lose (look at the parable of the talents). If we do not allow our hunger for His Presence to move us into action, we will lose our hunger.

We are a generation that has more choices with what to do with our free time than any generation before us. We have so many more options than the people that came before us – and we are entertaining ourselves to death. But I also think that is why this generation has the potential to see the greatest revival that has ever been seen. Because in the face of all of these other choices we can choose God. We can choose Him above TV, above video games, above movies, above all the other ways we can spend our time we can choose God. And when we do, He honours our choice by rewarding us with His Presence. If having His Presence means we have to get rid of our tv’s, computers, movies, games or anything else, let’s do it. Because then we will find the greatest treasure on the face of this Earth!

Guard your hunger, and guard your passion. May it move you and compel you to run after the greatest Love and Lover in this life. I know I am on that pursuit, and I hope you are as well! Be blessed in your pursuit of His Presence!