Review | The World's Greatest Revivals by Fred & Sharon Wright


If you enjoy reading about church history and understanding the ways God moves in what we call “revival,” you will appreciate owning a copy of Fred and Sharon Wright’s new anthology, THE WORLD’S GREATEST REVIVALS. The book is a great text for home study groups and an interesting read for revival-hungry believers who long to see and be a part of what God is doing in our lifetime.

The book defines revival as “the divine reaction that spills over into time as hungry, desperate men rediscover key truths about God, His person and His purposes that permeate and change the face of His Church and through it, the world.” (p. 45)

Fred and Sharon describe how the Church, having begun in the power of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, lost its fervor and supernatural power to the control of men in the Middle Ages. Since the Reformation Period, which began in the 1500’s, the Wrights believe that God has sent subsequent waves of power and revelation to restore the Church to function and accomplish the purposes of God in each generation.

The book reviews the major events in history in each period from the early Church into the beginning of the 21st Century and chronicles the corresponding moves of the Holy Spirit in each season.

Fred and Sharon share a perspective on the Toronto Outpouring as a move of God sent to fill the needs of this generation for fathering. They observe that the two world wars of the 20th Century followed by other various conflicts around the globe had left a generation of people the majority of whom suffered from inadequate fathering and who desperately needed to be loved. Unable to medicate this need with drugs and alcohol and suffering further from various forms of abuse from parents who were also orphaned, the generation alive in the 1990’s was ripe for what God sent in the Toronto outpouring.

Fred and Sharon believe that the revelation of the father’s love, which came to the five million people who have come to Toronto since 1994, was designed by God to help reconcile parents and children but especially God, the father, to mankind by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It includes an up to date account of revival events in the latter 20th Century and includes the influences of the period from Azusa Street in the early 1900’s through the Healing and Latter Rain Revivals in the 1940s and 1950s, Charismatic Movement, the Third Wave and the Toronto and Pensacola revivals in the 1990’s. They include perspective on the movements of awakening in Redding, California and the apostolic team emphasis arising now as a wave of reformation for the church entering the 21st Century.

Fred and Sharon weave personal testimony and their wealth of knowledge gained from traveling the world during this period of revival as overseers of the Partners in Harvest Network of churches into what is sure to be a textbook for revival seekers in this generation and those in the future.