Just resting in Him

August, 1995 is a month in our lives that we will never forget. 

John and Carol Arnott brought a team from Toronto, Canada to Dallas, TX for the very first Catch the Fire Conference. Our lives were totally and radically changed forever. We were in a hopeless situation in our life and family and desperately needed God to intervene on our behalf. We stood on the masking tape marking the lines for the ministry team fully expecting God to show up for us like never before. We were encouraged to just wait on the Lord, do not be in a hurry to get up off the floor after the Holy Spirit would cause us to just “rest in Him”. As we began to totally surrender to the Holy Spirit, we would just lie on the floor and “Soak in His Presence” allowing Him to do all that He needed to do in us. We began to experience God in ways that we had never known before.

What we began to see immediately was how God was softening our hearts, healing our hurts, allowing His healing balm to just totally cover us and saturate us as we would lie in His Presence.

My friends and I attended a workshop one afternoon. Carol Arnott was teaching on “How to have a Soaking Party in Your Home.” At this point, we were captivated by His Presence and knew that in order to keep what God had already done in our lives, we were going to have to continue meeting and blessing one another.

It was decided that we would host a meeting in our home on Labor Day, 1995 which was our very first Monday night meeting, and we have been having “Soaking Parties” in our home EVERY Monday night since then. We were soaking before soaking was “cool.” People would laugh at us, make fun of us, pastors would tell us that it was time to get up off the floor and do something; they would say to us “What good can possibly come out of lying on the floor?”

We are just normal people, doing normal things for the kingdom of God. This is the normal life.

What we have learned is that waiting on the Presence of God is the MOST important thing in life that we can do. Soaking is re-charging our batteries; it is re-filling and re-energizing us over and over again. It is equipping us to do what God has called each one of us to do. We believe that every person has a unique gifting and calling from God for ministry. Each person needs to be given the opportunity and training to learn how to flow in their gifts and operate in the fullness of what God has called them to do. We call this “practicing” on each other on Monday nights. Soaking teaches people how to hear the voice of God, to recognize the Holy Spirit and learn to obey when God speaks. In a small group setting, people learn to flow with people they know and are comfortable with, and then they are prepared to take it out to the world. You cannot give anything away that you do not have. Soaking teaches people to wait on the Lord and learn how to receive from Him. For most of us, all our lives we have told God how we want things done, when the best time for Him to do it and exactly how to get it done.

From our own experience, we have learned that God NEVER does it the way and the time that we told Him to do it. As we began to ponder these things in our hearts, we began to see that the answers that we needed came while we were soaking and revelation came as we waited on God. We began to see pictures and visions; we would hear the voice of God like never before. Our hope was restored, we saw God doing powerful things in the lives of the people that came. We experienced such a refreshing of the Holy Spirit.

Every Monday night we come in with awe, excitement, and expectation of what God is going to do tonight. What we have found is when we provide a safe place for Him, we open our door and invite Him to come that He ALWAYS shows up, He has ALWAYS been faithful. In all these years, there have never been two Monday nights the same, as every week He shows up in a unique and special way to minister to the needs of the people that are here each time.

We had no idea when we started these soaking meetings that they would continue on for so long, we didn’t even think about it. We just knew that we had to have God; we were desperate for Him and His Presence. We came into the meetings with no set plans or agendas, other than allowing the Holy Spirit to do whatever He wanted to do and we still do them the same way each week.

Over the years we have seen people totally healed, (body, soul and spirit) seen them delivered and set free, all kinds of miracles happen as people have their own encounter with God. We have seen marriages healed and families restored.

It is such an awesome blessing every week as we see people’s lives changed right before our eyes. We have literally had people travel to our home in Fort Worth, TX from all over the world to experience the blessing of “waiting on God.”

Looking back now, we realize that the whole thing was a “Divine Set-up” by God. We have known for years that we had a calling on our life; we were called to the ministry, but had not found a ministry that fit us until the soaking came. We KNOW that this is what we are called to do and are very happy in our unique calling.

We are just normal people, doing normal things for the kingdom of God. This is the normal life. This is the Kingdom of God coming to earth. We have people tell us that they are encouraged when they come to find out that we get up and go to work every day just like everybody else does. We are real people, and people are looking for the real thing these days. They are tired of programs and formulas, they are desperate for a real relationship and encounter with God.

We have experienced “Revival” in our home every Monday night since Labor Day, 1995. What we believe that God has taught us through these soaking experiences is that soaking is what brings revival and soaking is what keeps revival going. A touch from God is good, but a life change is so much better. Soaking changes your life forever. It is a constant, continual change that keeps us refreshed and revived daily to be about our Father’s business.

This year on Labor Day, we will celebrate 14 years of “pioneering” how to have a soaking party in your own home.

God has used all of this and everything that we have learned over the past 14 years to equip, teach and to train us for this ministry. Now we are having the experience of our lives as we teach people all over the world what we have learned, what we have tasted and experienced for all these years. Every week we get a phone call or email that says, “I knew that I was called to do something, some kind of ministry in my home, but didn’t know what it was until I heard you speak and share what God has called you to do. Now we want to host the Holy Spirit in our home and do what you do.”

When you do the ministry that you are called to do, it is a joy, it is fun, and you do not experience burn-out. It is a pleasure and an honor every week to open our home to allow people to have a safe place to come and learn how to receive from God and then to take it out to their places of influence.

The River is still flowing, even more powerful than when we first got in. We have experienced God in a new way, a more real way than we have ever known Him before. We know that He Loves us, that He cares for us and have more confidence and trust in Him than ever before. We have learned to say God, I don’t understand, but I trust you! Knowing that, we don’t have to understand, just trust.

Allowing the River to continue to flow takes a commitment, a perseverance, dedication, steadfastness and an understanding of who God is and that He has our best interest at His heart and that He will take care of us. We have found that there is nothing to go back to. We can never return to a place of familiarity or formal- ity to accept the comfort of the known for religions sake.

We place a high value and treasure the gift of what God has given to us and what He has called us to do. We will do whatever we have to do to protect the gift and the calling. Some may look at the cost as being too expensive to stay in the River, we look at it as being too costly to NOT stay in the River. The “River of God” has become a way of life for us, we do not see it as something to enjoy for the moment or a conference and then go back to the way we were, it is something we incorporate into our daily lifestyle and live every day. We experience the “River Flowing” every Monday night in Fort Worth, TX and you are welcome to join us to be revived and renewed. Let the “River Flow”!!!!!