"I Feel Dizzy, But it Was Fun Though. "

Before 1994, I had been pastoring a church for ten years in the city of Liverpool, England. We occupied a respectable place in the community. Our church was chosen to be the flagship for the Anglican based “Church Urban Fund” because of the work we did with the poor in the city. This, in turn, opened doors for us to meet with the Queen, who is the also the head of the Church of England, and to speak at the church synod to heads of secular companies in London about the project.

I also received a reward in person from Prince Charles in 1990 for our innovative building project in the community. This project involved refurbishing a disused building to provide employment training and life skills for disadvantaged young people. The project turned out to be a catalyst for other churches to catch the vision, and today, city churches are running with this vision of helping to transform their inner cities, thus displaying the love of God in a very practical way.

The church was having an influence in our community.

In January of 1994, friends of ours in Canada telephoned us to say that something was happening in a church near the airport in Toronto, to which I jokingly replied, “Keep it going until we get there in March.”

I remember my first visit to Toronto, of going straight from the airport and into the meetings. We had been involved in deliverance ministry for over ten years and the first thought I had was, “We’ve cast this out of people.”

The manifestations were raw. People were flopping on the floor like fish-out-of-water. People were doing what we call crunches, acting like a palm tree that had 
been hit with a force 
nine hurricane wind.
The person in front of me 
was going through all the
e motions-one minute crying out loud, the next laughing with tears running down his face.

I had never felt so much of the intensity of the presence of God and angelic beings, as in that first meeting. I knew this had to be God!

When we got back to Liverpool, a local pastor told us a prophet was in town. His name was Bobby Conner. He was coming to town for a two day meeting. We attended the first night’s meeting. After it was over, I was waiting for Jean to come back from the washroom, when Bobby came up to me and asked, “Are you coming back tomorrow night?” Before I could answer him, he replied, “Only I have words of destiny for you!”

What would you do if someone told you that? You would clear every appointment and make sure you where sitting near the front where he could see you. That’s exactly what we did.

The next night’s meeting started. Bobby was preaching and interjecting his preaching with personal words for people. Suddenly, he pointed to Jean and me and began to prophesy, “A new anointing is coming to this couple—explosive! People won’t like your methods. You will have many mocking tongues speaking against you.” Then he began to laugh, and say, “I feel dizzy, but it was fun though!”

We have this prophecy on tape and often play it back. It was only after we came into this anointing that we realized that Bobby was experiencing what was to come upon me at Toronto.

Six months later, I attended the first prophetic meeting in TACF’s new facility. As I walked through the doors of that building, I heard the Lord say to me, “What would you like from this conference?”

I replied, “Lord, I would like to get drunk in the Spirit!” I don’t know why I used those terms, as I had never touched any alcoholic drink. A dear old lady prayed for me when I was nine years old and told me, “John, keep away from drink.” Her words never left me, and I never touched a drop. I hated even the smell of alcohol.

The Lord replied, “Do you see the prayer team with the day glow badges? They are not really a prayer team, they are bartenders. If you want to get drunk, mix your drinks. Every one of these people carries a different anointing. Mix your drinks and you will get drunk.”

So for five days, three meetings a day, I would sit on the end of a row and wait for one of these people with the day glow badges to pass by me, and I would grab their hand and ask them to give me a drink! And in my spirit, I would draw from them. By the end of the conference I was a mess! I have a video of myself at the beginning of those meetings where I was looking all respectful, and a video of myself at the end of those meetings with my shirt hanging out, being supported by two people.

In July 1997, John Arnott invited me to be one of the speakers at the first, “Have Another Drink Conference”.

(Incidentally, this was the first conference that Heidi and Rolland Baker attended, and it was to also change the whole direction of their ministry.) I was so drunk at that conference; I could not stand up straight. This is where I received my commission from the Lord to go itinerate. He launched me drunk and unable to speak to a tea-total church.

The words of Bobby Conner now made sense to me when he said, “I feel dizzy, but it was fun, though.” The dizziness was the drunkenness he was experiencing, and the methods which he said people would not like, was the fact that at that prophetic conference I not only received a prophetic mantle, but I actually became the message--I became a sign and a wonder, as mentioned in Jeremiah 23:9: “I am like a drunken man, I am like a man overcome by wine, because of the Lord and because of the prophets.”

People ask me, “What is the purpose of this anointing?” The Lord told me that its purpose was to get me out of my natural mind and into the Spirit. So that I would have no fear of man, no respect of persons and would be free to say and to do whatever He requires of me.

The people found it hard to receive because of their mindsets. They were expecting the anointing to come in a particular package, and now God is sending me to the church proclaiming the Kingdom, proclaiming that the River is still flowing. People have said that the River has stopped. No, it’s still flowing.

The River is within us; it flows from our bellies. The problem is this: We’ve not been giving it away.

Jean and I have now travelled to over 30 nations, dispensing the river. The whole purpose of this drunken anointing, which was birthed in me during the outpouring in Toronto, was to get me out of my mind so that I could receive His mindset, His purposes and His revelation. For me, the River is now flowing into the ocean which touches nations.

The Lord told me that its purpose was to get me out of my natural mind and into the Spirit.